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Regional (un)conferences

Демонополізацію сфери підвищення кваліфі
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EdCamp Ukraine | Афілійований міні-EdCamp
EdCamp Ukraine | Магістральний міні-EdCamp
EdCamp Ukraine | Магістральний міні-EdCamp

Affiliated mini-EdCamp Kryvyi Rih

Mainline mini-EdCamp Drohobych

Mainline mini-EdCamp Trudoljub

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Our mission

The EdCamp Ukraine team sees its mission in organizing a platform to support practitioners
and future educators in a participatory improvement their qualifications throughout their lives.

Learn more about value of the offer, basis of the activity, approach, results
and impact of our organization's activities.

EdCamp Ukraine’s road – from the beginning to today

Our initiatives


How to EdCamp

"Growing together with EdCamp" – a book by EdCamp Ukraine’s team and "Shkilnyi Svit" publishing house. It contains historical facts and personal stories, clear algorithms and space for personal notes,
QR-coded links to additional helpful materials and interesting and relaxation coloring  for growth – own
and your educational communities.

The online course "How to get EdCamp for your community" was published on the platform of VUM-Online.
You can start with the online course, and then read the book or vice versa. From the course you will learn why and how EdCamp works: from the step-by-step plan for organizing an EdCamp event to partner reviews and tips from educators who already have experience in conducting (un)conferences.


Frequently asked questions / FAQ

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We invite both young specialists and experienced specialists of Ukrainian school education
to participate in EdCamp. The main criterion is not the form of ownership, the prestige of the school or anything else, but only your motivation for development and readiness to take responsibility for the future!

Complete the FORM to receive our calls for participation at EdCamp events
and be well informed about all our news and your opportunities!

Do you want to help?

EdCamp Ukraine is a nonprofit initiative. For example, the Fourth National (Un)conference
for School Teachers
, was held thanks to the support of 84 dedicated organizations
and their teams. In order your kids and grandchildren will have cool teachers,
we invite you to contribute to educational problem-solving in Ukraine.

Biannual 2017/2018 activity report

Read about the adventures and hardships of "white crows" in education
in a comic book, which won the
first prize in the competition of NGO public reports in Ukraine. For public reporting we have chosen light and humorous form: we analyzed the fears of educators and demonstrated, how the community overcomes them. Find out the results of our activities
and plans for the future.



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For media

Teachers’ voices 

"Responsible teachers, who are breathed in for a long time through EdCamp Ukraine,
are able to start reforms from below  each in his/her place:
in their school, their city
or region."

Nadija Bedikjan, history teacher of Teaching and Educational Complex № 13, Odesa

"EdCamp Ukraine showed
that indeed changing education for the better we will change
the future
of our country".

Tetjana Bondar, Assistant Professor of the Department
of Philosophy and Economics of Education, Poltava Regional Institute of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education, Poltava

"After EdCamp Ukraine we
didn’t brought templates of ready lessons or presentations, but we managed to get something far more valuable: experience and knowledge, but also inspiration, which will last for the entire coming year".

Natalija Kidalova, teacher
of Melitopolj school № 3, Zaporizhzhja region

The purpose of (un)conference is the creation of a new generation of teachers,
who won’t use old stereotypes
of learning".

Lilija Kryhovecj-Khom’jak, economics teacher of Ukrainian Gymnasium named after I. Franko, Ternopilj

"EdCamp Ukraine is,
first of all, the titanic work
and organizational talent
of the team, qualitative
and useful content, new thoughts and modern ideas, meaningful communication, new friends and acquaintances".

Valerij Berezhnyj, Head Master of School № 11 in Lozova, Kharkiv region

"EdCamp Ukraine for teachers is like Disneyland for children: whirlpool of positive emotions, unforgettable impressions, crazy ideas... Having been once, will never forget!"

Ruslana Bjerdavceva,
the teacher of chemistry, biology and ecology
of Higher Vocational School № 164, Kropyvnytskyi

"These people, their energy, strength and ideas became
a flash-light for me shining through the darkness
of indifference and despair.
I realized that we should
not be afraid to experiment
and implement our ideas.
Every teacher should survive his/her EdCamp".

Natalija Bovsunivsjka, informatics teacher
of Rozsoshenka school, Poltava region

"This event has given me
an opportunity to understand fully how the teaching profession influences
the development of the child, and sometimes even his/her fate. If EdCamp Ukraine develops in our country, school and training will become a happy holiday
and great pleasure for our children".

Olena Sopina, English teacher of the Specialized Boarding school "Sich Collegium", Zaporizhzhja

"We should not only get
the experience we should also share it. This is one of the trends of EdCamp Ukraine".

Serghij Zapisov, Head Master of Stryj School № 11, Ljviv region