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06.07.2021 |  Psychological resiliency, STEM and brain activation. Key points from EdCamps in Paniutyno, Kryvyi Rih and Khmelnytsky

In May, a wave of regional EdCamp (un)conferences started. Educators in large cities and small villages are holding events to share their experience with other teachers.

"New Ukrainian School" is preparing a series of publications about 15 main mini-EdCamps held all over Ukraine. In this article you can read about interesting facts and useful insights of the events in Paniutyno (Kharkiv region), Kryvyi Rih and Khmelnytsky.

10.02.2021 |  “I never tell my child,“ You won’t succeed.” How to help Generation Z realize their potential

Ukrainian Pravda. Life

Ukrainian Pravda has found out what skills generation Z needs.

From his own experience, Oleksandr Elkin, the founder of the EdCamp Ukraine movement, talks about how to help Generation Z realize their potential in the field of education and creative industries.

04.02.2021 |  "Why emphasize gender?": 5 answers to common questions about femininitives

Wonderzine Ukraine

"Language is a powerful factor in socialization. If children hear femininitives, they will understand that there is a place for all of them wherever they want. They will develop without the burden of such stereotypes as: philology and marriage are for a girl, and physics and career are for a boy. Those people who say that no matter what gender a person is in the profession, should first use femininitives to show young people that really, no matter what gender you are, you can try yourself in different professions. After all, the names of jobs (professions) in the Ukrainian language are for both men and women! ” Olena Masalitina tells interesting stories about feminitives.

25.01.2021 |  EdCamp Ukraine - new opportunities in education during the COVID19 pandemic


Undoubtedly, the extremely difficult and unpredictable year 2020 brought many changes, movements and opportunities to both the EdCamp Ukraine team and the community of responsible teachers.

Oleksandr Elkin told the organization's partner, the US Embassy in Ukraine, how 2020 was like for the teaching community and the importance of supporting and believing in Ukraine's education.

22.10.2020 |  The Dalai Lama about COVID-19: If Nothing Can Be Done, Then Just Accept It


"Fight for yourself, but with love in your heart," the Dalai Lama advised the Ukrainians.

If you do not have more than an hour of free time, then "Ukrayinska Pravda. Zhyttia" has chosen some of the Dalai Lama’s interesting quotes on various topics.

21.10.2020 |  What Advice Did the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Dalai Lama Give to the Ukrainians?


"People Kharkiv residents also watched the online meeting, and some citizens had been able to write their own questions to the Nobel Peace Prize winner. All you had to do was to register on the event website.

20.10.2020 |  The Dalai Lama Spoke to Ukrainians Live for the First Time


"People often ask about the problems common for all Ukrainians: the war in the East, the lack of sustainable development," said Oleksandr Elkin, Head of the EdCamp Ukraine Board, who initiated the dialogue and will moderate it. “Many people ask universal questions: about the search for purpose, happiness, peace with others and yourself. The Dalai Lama is interested in various philosophical questions, ideas, and even diet or adultery. And as we are an educational community, many questions are sent by educators who seek to pass on not only academic knowledge to children, but also to develop such soft skills as the ability to empathize, take responsibility, act together, be resilient".

20.10.2020 |  Heart Education – A Discussion with EdCamp Ukraine


“We are real brothers and sisters. We all face the same problems, and we all have the opportunity to overcome them. It means using our brains to our advantage, combining it with a strong sense of warmth and kindness”.

We are incredibly pleased and honored to have a great report on the Dalai Lama’s website about his talk with the Ukrainians, whom he calls friends. In English, the broadcast from the Office was watched all over the world. If you have English-speaking friends, share this link with them. Because, although the Dalai Lama addressed the Ukrainian people, these words are valid for anyone anywhere. After all, as our Tibetan interlocutor noted, at a deep level, we are all similar.

20.10.2020 |  Peace and Happiness. What the Dalai Lama told the Ukrainians 


There is a lot of wisdom in the text from our Tibetan interlocutor. And thanks to the Correspondent journalists who made a summary of the conversation very quickly.

There was only one translation error: "The Dalai Lama says he is not worried about global warming because he is 86 years old, but he is urging the younger generation to pay attention to the problem".

On the contrary, the Dalai Lama is worried about global warming. He says it would be possible to not worry because he is 86 years old, and the consequences will appear in decades. But he is worried because he is such a person, he is worried about each of 7 billion people.

20.10.2020 |  What the Ukrainians Asked the Spiritual Leader of Tibet Online and What He Told Them


After the broadcast with the Dalai Lama, Olexandr Elkin spoke live on Suspilne and told about how the meeting had been prepared, how it took place and when the next one would happen. And he also told about how the co-hosts had been chosen for the conversation and about its highlights.

20.10.2020 |  The Dalai Lama Had a Talk with Ukrainians. What Did They Ask About?


And after this material you will find a link to an article about the Tibetan school education. If you haven't seen it yet, we recommend reading it. The Tibetan debate system is an exotic but effective method of teaching. After the EdMandry to Little Tibet, Ukrainian educators brought home many impressions and inspirations from the methods of Tibetan education and, of course, the excitement caused by the meeting with the Dalai Lama.

06.10.2020 |  “Well, well! Doctorka!" How the Use of Feminitives Changes the Attitude Towards Women in Society


The names of many professions and positions, degrees and notions that determine social status, we are accustomed to hear them exclusively in the masculine gender.

"It is impossible to simply “jump” from absolute androcentrism [the dominance of the male norm of humanness] in language and society into a situation where gender does not matter at all," Olena Masalitina is sure. “Whether we like it or not, we need to go through a certain intermediate stage of recognizing the importance of woman in every field of activity, to see her presence. To learn to begin taking into account her needs and interests. Language tools help a lot in this.”

31.08.2020 |  We are PROUD: the Experience of the Ukrainian and American EdCamp Communities on the OECD EDUCATION AND SKILLS Portal


As part of an initiative by the World Bank, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, and the Harvard Global Education Initiative to bring together best practices during the coronavirus crisis, American and Ukrainian colleagues published an article on shared experiences of virtual events for educators.

The article, which noted that the events of EdCamp Ukraine belong to the events that during the pandemic became a place of strength and support for teachers, is a real recognition of what the whole community of responsible teachers is proud of!

Now the EdCamp Community and Digital Promise have joined forces, so the EdCamp idea is gaining new impulse – and we are joining the developing of a global family of teacher (un) conferences!

24.06.2020 |  Has COVID-19 accelerated educational reforms? Practical experience and advice of conscious educators


It is time to discuss the consequences of "quarantine" education and educational reforms during the lockdown restrictions. The fact that the organization of distance learning for 2.5 months of quarantine was a real challenge is not worth arguing.

About how the EdCamp Ukraine team was one of the first to respond to quarantine calls and organized an annual educational (un) conference in online format.

In the publication, Oleksandr Elkin, the inspirer of the EdCamp Ukraine (Kharkiv) community of responsible teachers, talks about the five-day “National Anti-Crisis Online EdCamp2020” for parents and teachers.

20.05.2020 |  About Education in Georgia, Belarus, Armenia and Moldova and Why Teachers from There Will Come to the International EdCamp in Ukraine


An article about EdCamp movements in neighboring countries was published on the website of the New Ukrainian School.

About salaries, educational reforms, financial challenges and bright personalities. Similar problems, similar conditions and similar desire to unite.

For creating the material, we are grateful to the team of our permanent information partner PR agency "Bagels & Letters".

14.05.2020 |  Online forever. Why quarantine will radically change secondary education


"It won’t be the same as before," warns Roman Korsun, a lawyer and administrator of the Batky SOS.

"It won’t be possible to return to the usual routine next school year," said Prometheus co-founder Ivan Prymachenko.

"The former educational system of standardization and obedience in the classroom no longer works," said Esther Wojcicki, an experienced teacher and mother of three successful daughters.

"Quarantine will pass, and education will remain," said Serhiy Babak, the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Education, Science and Innovation.

The FOCUS magazine has collected the most interesting of all strategic sessions of the online EdCamp 2020 in a single article. About quarantine and distance learning, mistakes and successes, about the current state and future of school education in Ukraine and other countries.

When you hear about all this information for five days in a row, you don't immediately see the connections and trends, and in this summary there is a perspective – it will be difficult but very interesting. And in the end, we will cope. Isn't that right, colleagues?



Desire. Environment. Laziness. Sincerity. Partnership.

No, this is not a tracklist of Antytila new album. These are 5 TIPSFOR PARENTS from Taras TOPOLIA, a friend of EdCamp Ukraine and the UN Population Fund in Ukraine (UNFPA Ukraine) and, of course, the frontman of Antytila.

Viva!, the best magazine about the stars, collected the most interesting advice that Taras gave during his secret night session at the online EdCamp. If you did not take notes, use the opportunity. And share with familiar parents. There are many interesting things about raising children and about the partnership in parenthood and teaching.

11.05.2020 |  Quarantine is not a Reason to Relax: What Dangers Await Children on the Internet


During the quarantine period, the Internet has become more important to all of us than ever before, Here we find communication, work, entertainment and knowledge.

But it also has DANGEROUS corners that are very easy for a child to get into: traumatic content, cyberbullying, blackmail and harassment.

Those who have already watched Anastasia Dyakova's session at the online EdCamp know what it's all about. Anastasia is the Internet Security Adviser to the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine and the founder of

And those who did not have time to watch live, can watch the recording of the session on our YouTube channel. Or read the material that is about all the possible online traps and tips on how to protect your child from them, and what to do if a child gets into online trouble.

08.05.2020 |  The Internal Resource. Psychologists Advise How to Live to the End of Quarantine without Stress


Quarantine of our dreams and quarantine in reality are very different.

It turned out that there was not enough time for favorite TV series and opera performances, and children could not find a place in the four walls.

At the Online-EdCamp, psychologists Svitlana Roiz, Ekaterina Alexandrovna Goltsberg and Natalia Svoykina unanimously recognized the conditions of quarantine as stressful for everyone. How to deal with this stress, what the exercises and behavioral strategies are you can find in the material of FOCUS. The author of the material, Halyna Kovalchuk, is a longtime friend of the EdCamp team, who was not prevented by quarantine from attending our next national event, even online.

07.05.2020 |  Dependence on humanity. How the School is Coping with the Challenges of Quarantine and Online Education


If you were looking for a comprehensive material ABOUT QUARANTINE EDUCATION, then read the article from LB.UA.

Thoughtful Anastasia Ivantsova combined the opinions of almost all experts in management and organization in education, who spoke at the online EdCamp 2020, to answer key questions.

What have we learned about school, education, ourselves during quarantine? Why has distance education not become a panacea, and what obstacles have occured in its way?

How parents and teachers can help children not to drop out of education.

Well, the warmest, in our opinion, quote from the material is the words by Liliya Hrynevych, "In times of self-isolation, we must remember that empathy is what makes people human".​

05.05.2020 |  "Because of Sex Education, Children Will not Have Sex", Masha Efrosinina about stereotypes in school education


Segodnya.Life publishes the most interesting things from Maria Efrosinina's session at the Anti-Crisis EdCamp 2020 – advice for parents from the star mother, appeals to teachers, and just right and interesting thoughts.

“I advise all teachers to use quarantine time to realize the new reality we have already encountered, to draw some conclusions for themselves, and maybe even to develop their strategy of their behaving with students in the future. After all, today it is clear to everyone that "as before" will definitely not happen". 

30.04.2020 |  Don't panic! How to talk to children about coronavirus


The rules and restrictions imposed on us by quarantine are vital not only for adults but also for children.

But how to tell a young child about the virus and the responsibility even if some adults consider COVID-19 a US biological weapon made in China?

The answers to such questions were given by the head of the department of preschool and primary education of the state institution "Ukrainian Institute for Educational Development" Olga Kosenchuk during the online EdCamp 2020.

"It doesn't really matter what you say," says Olga Kosenchuk. "The main thing is to listen to the questions asked by the child and control their own emotional state."

And the session is here.

28.04.2020 |  How to avoid a financial diet? Let’s make the family budget


If you have not seen the session conducted at the online EdCamp 2020 by the founder of the Family Budget project Lubomyr Ostapiv, read this article.

Here are many good tips on how to manage family finances during and after the pandemic.

We thank our information partners Nakypilo and personally Alyona Nagayevshchuk for the text.

A recording of the session can be found here.

28.04.2020 |  " I miss school" - students started a new flash mob: they are recording videos for their teachers


About the flashmob #сумуюзашколою, Channel 5 filmed a story – thank you to journalists.


These are short videos in which schoolchildren talk about their lives in quarantine and admit that they miss school, friends, teachers.

All videos were shown during the National Anti-Crisis Online EdCamp 2020. And now you can see them on our YouTube channel.

25.04.2020 |  The Antivirus Prescription: How Harari Told Ukraine About the Fight Against the Pandemic and the Role of Education in it


"We are very used to calling each other now but when the phones first appeared, it was very revolutionary. It took people many years to get used to them. Now they seem like an old technology as if from another life. I think the same goes for new technologies, such as video calling, which is used in the classroom. I have been teaching at the university for twenty years, and now I’m running online courses, and it's still not easy for me. "

Frank confessions, practical advice and cautious predictions from Yuval Noah Harari in the material of the Platform.

We thank them for translating Olexandr Elkin's video interview with our Israeli counterpart into text. If you need strong quotes - this is what you need.

24.04.2020 |  "Now is your time!". Harari, the Dalai Lama and Other World Opinion Leaders Turned to Ukrainian teachers


The Ukrainian Week reports on the National Anti-Crisis Online EdCamp 2020 and quotes World Opinion leaders who have turned to Ukrainian teachers. And there is a list of these speakers and a link to a video with them.

They are:

The Dalai Lama is the Nobel Peace Prize winner, His Holiness,

Yuval Noah Harari – a historian, teacher, writer and bestselling author of  'Sapiens' and 'Homo Deus'.

Anthony Salcito is Global Vice-President for Education, Microsoft.

Andreas Schleicher is Director for the Directorate of Education and Skills, the PISA developer

Jacob Hecht is a teacher, educational manager and pioneer of democratic learning.

Jaime Nadal Roig is Representative to Ukraine and Country Director for Belarus at United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

23.03.2020 |  EDCAMP UKRAINE: Teachers’ megaphone


The information campaign “Civil Society is YOU” is an initiative of the European Union. For many years, the EU has supported civil society organizations and activists who have focused their efforts on the development of civil society in Ukraine.

This information campaign was created to tell about public initiatives in Ukraine and those who daily invest a part of themselves in their implementation. To tell everyone about the hard and responsible work of people who have been making the world a better and fairer place with their big and small acts.




When we took the risk and chose getting rid of paper programs despite of its convenience, we were worrying about whether our teachers would be able to quickly acquire a new tool and navigate in time.

What we are writing about is our interactive mobile application on Attendify.

It was created for the Fifth EdCamp Ukraine 2019 National (Un)conference. We are proud to present impressive statistics - over 147,000 activities during the July event! The rate of using the application has soared from 45 percent in 2018 to 85 percent in 2019 – this index and other ones have brought our event to the level of one of the activities of such powerful companies as Google and TED.


To read more in English follow the link.


13.11.2019 | Social, emotional and ethical: what kind of education do Ukrainian schoolchildren need?



The 20th-century teachers fought for students to learn a set of "right answers" for a successful career. But what to do now, when these answers cannot be learned, when people start to lose their competition with the latest technologies? The answer is provided by the SEE Learning program, which has been operating abroad for 20 years and is currently being piloted in Ukraine. Oleg Marushchenko, an expert on SEE-Learning of the EdCamp Ukraine PO, speaks about it.




About launching the pilot SEE Learning program in Ukraine, about the fate of the NUS reform under the new government, and even some answers to the questions of a 9-grade student. An open interview with the minister of education and science at the link.




SEE Learning is a program aimed at the development of soft skills, for example, attention training, systems and creative thinking, compassion and an ability to work in a team. Olena Masalitina tells about some features of the program in her interview for ATN Kharkiv.



“A child at school needs an atmosphere of friendship. I know this from my own experience, because at my school it was not enough. We need to build teacher-child relationships not on fear and domination, but on partnership, awareness of our own and others' emotions. That is why we support the SEEL program, ”explained Anna Novosad. She added that if the pilot's results are positive, the MES plans to expand SEEL to more educational institutions. More via the link.



Ukraine launches a pilot project to implement a system of social-emotional and ethical learning (SEE Learning) in schools, which not only develops soft skills, but also needs to change the atmosphere in schools and the attitude of students to teachers, learning, to each other and to themselves. This was discussed during a press conference on the launch of the pilot, which took place October 7, 2019, with the participation of Minister of Education and Science Anna Novosad in Kharkiv. More via the link.

19.09.2019 | Empats and creators


“The SEE training is based on the education of three skills,” says Oleksandr Elkin, founder of the EdCamp Ukraine movement, adviser to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. - The first is awareness, a good understanding of oneself and an effort to understand the other person. The second is compassion, the ability to express empathy not only to relatives, but also to those who have different views than you: the ability to be tolerant. And the third skill is engagement, understanding that each and everyone can play a role in life processes, change the world for the better. ”

02.09.2019 | Entertaining pedagogy. How to make school interesting for children and their parents


"Interesting Pedagogy. How to Make School Interesting for Kids and Their Parents" is the title of an article in which our friend and college Halyna Kovalchuk collected interesting teacher interviews at the Fifth National (Un)conference!

10.08.2019 | How to finish school and stay healthy. Part II


This text deals with psychological health and sexual education and intimate relationships at an early age.

10.08.2019 | How to finish school and stay healthy. Part I


Some parents believe that the child goes to school relatively healthy, and is issued - with a "bouquet" of chronic diseases. In their view, the educational institutions are to blame. Disappointing or stale food in the dining room, prolonged sitting at the desk or exhausting physical education, harmful environment of "bad" teenagers ... The list of claims each mother and dad continue in their own way.
We talked to the experts of the biggest teacher event of the year - the EdCamp Ukraine 2019 educational conference in Kharkiv, on what the health of the child really depends on and how to preserve it. The first part deals with healthy and unhealthy food, sitting at the desk and physical culture.

05.08.2019 | My option is responsible parenting


"I am sure that bulling or domestic violence cannot be defeated, but they can and should be countered. It is good that the issue is being publicly discussed, including by the Ministry of Education and Science. Much was discussed this year at the (un)conference of the community of responsible teachers EdCamp Ukraine, where I talked about my parenting experience. I will tell it here too." Thank you very much for your friendship, Taras Topolia and the Antytila band!

31.07.2019 | The first year of NUS. Is Ukrainian school really new?


In May, the first academic year in which the New Ukrainian School began to work ended. At first glance, the reform only applies to students who went to school in 2018. However, it is deeper. Is this really so? What changes were made? And what awaits a new change on 1st on September? This was discussed at EdCamp Ukraine 2019 with the Minister of Education and Science, school principals, teachers and parents from different regions of Ukraine.

31.07.2019 | How white crows are changing the world: EdCamp Ukraine 2019 (un)conference


"While some people complain and dream of leaving the country, others invest their energy, time and skills in the future of Ukraine." Thanks to Yedinstvennaia for paying attention to the issues of education on your pages!

31.07.2019 | EdCamp Ukraine 2019: (un)conference for white crows


Great and detailed material on the Fifth National (Un)conference from new information partners "Koleso Zhyttia" and its expert community!

24.07.2019 | Ukrainian schools will try the international SEE Learning program - what it teaches and what it's needed for


In September 25 Ukrainian schools will launch the SEE Learning - the Social, Emotional, and Ethical Learning program developed by Emory University (Atlanta, USA) to educate children for attention, compassion and care, ethical engagement, as well as awareness of the large communities and systems in which we live. In Ukraine, SEEL was brought by the EdCamp Ukraine NGO. The Vice-Head of the organization Olena Masalitina told the New Ukrainian School why our country needs the program and how it will be piloted.

17.07.2019 | The large-scale educational festival EdCamp Ukraine took place in Kharkiv


Not only to teach a child, but also to grow a good person. In Kharkiv, a large-scale educational festival EdCamp Ukraine took place. iT gathered about a thousand teachers and experts from 20 countries around the world.

14.07.2019 | In Kharkiv, the EdCamp Ukraine forum brought together a thousand teachers from all over Ukraine


At one site, the forum gathered a thousand teachers from all over Ukraine and 250 experts from 20 countries of the world. For all 5 years this year's conference has become the largest. Foreign experts spoke about the things that would be useful in Ukrainian schools. Television leader Nataliia Moseichuk also joined the event and told what the modern teacher sees.

14.07.2019 | Cherishing the human: how was the Fifth National (Un)conference EdCamp Ukraine in Kharkiv-2019


Three days of the (un)conference in one article from our information partners.

13.07.2019 | "If you start changing school food, people will become more conscious," - Yevgen Klopotenko


What is the main message of the "New School Meals" initiative? In which schools does the program already work? Will there be a new school food in kindergartens? What gastronomic trends are now at the peak in the world and how successfully Ukraine adapts them? Why in Ukraine for so many years is keeping on land? How much does it cost to open a restaurant in Ukraine? Welcome to an extremely interesting interview with EdCamp Ukraine 2019!

13.07.2019 | What hinders the New Ukrainian School?


To teach - is it cool? How to make the profession of teacher fashionable among young people? Who is sabotaging school reform? What is "The Right to Education" and "Studying for Children: Books on Superheroes" and what is their purpose? Iryna Minkovska, vice chairman on partnership and communication of the public organization "EdCamp Ukraine", spoke about this and many other things in "Youth Hub" program.

10.07.2019 | Taras Topolia in the Viddzerkalennia (Review) program


"The EdCamp Ukraine and Osvitoria movements are the largest civic associations in Ukraine that are trying to defend education and science in the capitalist and cynical world." This is very cool! And when I'm invited to such events, I try to be close. " With all our heart, we thank Taras Topolia and the Antytila Group for two full days at the Fifth National (Un)conference, for the attention to the kids from Stanytsia Luhanska, for the thoughts voiced during the expert session - well, of course, for the extraordinary singing at the closing party! Interview in the framework of the Fifth National (Un)conference for School Teachers EdCamp Ukraine 2019.

10.07.2019 | Oleksandr Elkin in Komentari (Comments) program


Interview with Oleksandr Elkin, EdCamp movement in Ukraine inspirer, in the framework of the Fifth National (Un)conference for School Teachers EdCamp Ukraine 2019.

08.07.2019 | The Ukrainian teachers have set a record for supporting its profession - EdCamp Ukraine 2019


On the fixation of the national record, besides the actual record with connections from 25 regions of Ukraine, there was an action with flashlights from partners of our organization USAID_ВзаємоДія! - to draw attention both teachers, and the whole society to the problem of corruption in our country and its tolerance. Find out more in detailed material with great pictures from the EdCamp Ukraine information partner 2019.

08.07.2019 | School teachers from all over Ukraine came to Kharkiv


Ukraina TV channel and Segodnya (Today) program presented a video of the Fifth National (Un)conference :) Who for various reasons were not with us, we invite you to watch now!

08.07.2019 | In the center of Kharkiv, teachers set a record for Ukraine


Thanks for the video from the second national record established by the community of responsible teachers in Kharkiv at the national (un)conference in EdCamp format!

05.07.2019 | Ukrainian TV stars have supported education reform and the largest educational forum EdCamp Ukraine


Ukrainian TV stars Yevgenii Klopotenko, Nataliia Moseychuk, Taras Topolya and Slava Frolova will become participants and members of EdCamp Ukraine 2019 - the largest in Ukraine and Eastern Europe educational event of the year.

12.06.2019 | EdCamp - the union of teachers of the future


Most modern schools in the world do not meet the needs of the new generation, because now the forefront is not encyclopedic knowledge, but communication and critical thinking skills. Oleksandr Elkin, adviser to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the Head of Board of the Public Organization "EdCamp Ukraine", told about how education is changing in Ukraine.

12.06.2019 | How EdCamp does teachers significant or Long tail effect


The Association for Teacher Training in Belarus published an interview with EdCamp Ukraine on our vision of adult education.

07.06.2019 | Five and one way how Sweden involves parents in school


All who dreamed about "parents form" - a form for fixing the abstract of the meeting of the child, parents and teacher - in Ukrainian - here you are! And at the same time you can learn about the features of the Swedish school in general :)

06.06.2019 | 25 Ukrainian schools are invited for a program of social, emotional and ethical education


25 Ukrainian schools are invited to take part in the pilot SEE Learning project - a program for social, emotional and ethical learning. It will be presented and a set of schools participating in SEE Learning will be announced at the V National (un)conference EdCamp Ukraine 2019. More via the link.

03.06.2019 | Logic Fights and Mantras of Wisdom: How Schools Work in Little Tibet


What is Tibetan education based on, what is the Tibetan debate, whether boys and girls study together or if schools in Little Tibet are free - EdCamp Ukraine`s friend Geshe La Lobsang Soepa answered to questions of interest for a lot of people.

07.05.2019 | Educators call Zelenskyi for a conversation


The EdCamp Ukraine community of responsible teachers has invited the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Liliia Hrynevych, the newly elected President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi, profile public organizations and all stakeholders of education to discuss the future of Ukrainian education, in particular the reform of the New Ukrainian School.

02.05.2019 | Do not change the vector of the kid's life


BaraBuka and Tetiana Stus asked us about five facts that EdCamp Ukraine team is proud of, the experience gained by both us and participants of the (un)conferences over the years, about the main theme of this year's national (un)conference. See what we answered :)

20.04.2019 | Oleksandr Elkin on education as a religion of the future, capable of uniting people


"We have a turbulent moment, but we must protect the value of the reform of the New Ukrainian School," - Oleksandr Elkin, the inspirer for EdCamp movement in Ukraine. Read in a new interview about the consortiumof educational NGOs, the "long tail" of EdMandry to Little Tibet and the secret of the success of the EdCamp movement in Ukraine.

17.04.2019 | Elections: 7 steps for peaceful political debates at schools


EdCamp Ukraine Peace Education Advisor Jakob Furst has prepared seven steps for the community of responsible teachers for peaceful political debates at schools. We invite you to try in the near future.

11.04.2019 | "Stereotype is a lie about reality", or 7 answers to questions about anti-discrimination expertise of school textbooks


Since 2017, anti-discrimination expertise of school textbooks has been operating in Ukraine. The Ministry of Education and Science in the past year prepared a special explanation to refute those myths that began to expand in the information space. We decided to continue this topic and, together with the experts, prepared our Q&A on anti-discrimination expertise of school textbooks.

27.03.2019 | So told the Dalai Lama. Why the Ukrainians went to Little Tibet and what revelations did the leader of Buddhism tell them


We invite you to learn about the methods of social, emotional and ethical learning (SEE Learning), the purpose of which is to raise the sympathy and other human values, ethical competence as a whole, about why Ukraine must win and features of life in Little Tibet.

21.03.2019 | Petitions, startups, lessons of dignity and anti-corruption: who and how change Ukrainian education


At the end of last year, teachers from all over Ukraine - 137 regional coordinators of regional (un)conferences during 4 years of the program "EdCamp in a Box" - gathered at the First National Summit in Odesa. Who and how change the Ukrainian education among the 20,000th community of responsible teachers - read in this unusual material.

19.03.2019 | Healing by Heart. What  the Dalai Lama taught Ukrainian educators. Part 2


The New Ukrainian School has questioned the participants of the first official group of educators from Ukraine to the Nobel Peace Prize laureate, the spiritual leader of Tibet His Holiness the Dalai Lama XIV about the reasons for going to such a journey and their experiences and new knowledge.

18.03.2019 | Healing by Heart. What  the Dalai Lama taught Ukrainian educators. Part 1


The New Ukrainian School has questioned the participants of the first official group of educators from Ukraine to the Nobel Peace Prize laureate, the spiritual leader of Tibet His Holiness the Dalai Lama XIV about the reasons for going to such a journey and their experiences and new knowledge.

10.03.2019 | The School Should Become a Community Center


An in-depth interview with Oleksandr Elkin about why raising the skills of secondary school education is a matter that is not resolved in any country, why it is important to conduct research in this area and where the guarantee that the voices of the pedagogical community will be heard.

28.02.2019 | "Fight for yourself, but with love in your heart." Tips of the Dalai Lama to the Ukrainians


February 9-17 within the program "EdMandry # 2. Small Tibet in India ", the EdCamp Ukraine team together with a group of educators conducted an expedition to study secular ethics and socio-emotional education, culminating in a half and an hour audience with the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Dalai Lama XIV. What they could talk about - read in the article.

25.02.2019 | Professional Development: How and Where Ukrainian Teachers Should Grow?


"Modern Ukrainian education lacks evidence-based decisions," says Oleksandr Elkin. Osvitoriya spoke to EdCamp movement in Ukraine inspirer about the pain points of Ukrainian educators and found out which ways to improve their skills are close to our teachers.

02.02.2019 | It's There - How Do Teachers Study


About the survey "Teach and Learn: How and Where Ukrainian Teachers Should Grow", on the Declaration on qualitative professional development and Petition, as well as on the new Provisions of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on the certification of educators and the reform of teachers professional development.

28.01.2019 | Professional Development: What Kind of Teacher Pain Sociological Survey Testifies


How do school educators improve their qualification? Do they like the system working with them for years? Or maybe they want to change it and have long been ready for innovation? Do they want to spend more time? Any more money? This is not only possible to find out from the final report on the results of the joint sociological study of EdCamp Ukraine NGO and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine "Teach and Learn: How and Where Schould Ukrainian Teachers Grow".

21.01.2019 | The Movement of Responsible Teachers


About how the EdCamp movement started in Ukraine, why it is located in Kharkiv, what the conference format is, whether the teachers are ready for changes and how the members of the EdCamp Ukraine team have been studying - read in the interview for us on the The Ukrainians portal.

07.12.2018 | Oleksandr Elkin, EdCamp Ukraine: About E-portfolio and How Not to Turn Certification into Segregation of Teachers


The journalist spoke with Oleksadnr about the concept of certification: what electronic portfolio should look like, why it should be implemented, and why this proposal was included in the draft of the Regulation in the hybrid version.

04.12.2018 | EdCamp-Angels in Action: 3 Days of the I National Summit-challenge


The team has spent three days full of interesting and useful events. A lot of locations, new acquaintances and creative ideas that you want to instantly realize - this inspired every participant and gave unforgettable emotions. Read the report of the 1 National EdCamp Summit in order to feel the atmosphere of the grand event and enjoy the pictures from every single day.

21.09.2018 | What Is Wrong with the Ukrainian Transliteration and Why Educators Should Know About It


What is the Ukrainian-Latin transliteration, how should we reproduce such "contradictory" letters as в, г, ґ, є, ж, ї, й, х, ц, ч, ш, щ, ь, ю, я and why the creation of a single transliteration standard is a matter of state security, said Communication and Partnership Manager EdCamp Ukraine movement Iryna Minjkovsjka.

20.09.2018 | An Exciting School: 21 advice from the Headteacher


In school-liceum #6 named after N. Yaremchuk in Ternopil, over thousand of pupils and 90 teachers. And there, besides their routine work they manage to make school days for pupils more interesting, and teachers’ job more pleasant. The advice how to make studying more various were given by a very famous headteacher Oleksandr Ostapchuk at mini-EdCamp in Kryvyi Rih. Viktoriia Topol recorded them J

15.09.2018 | The Living Library: People Who Have Become Books


Everyone is a ‘book’ of the Living Library. Everyone has an interesting and complicated life story and is ready to answer questions. ‘Readers’ of the library do not know anything about them and choose only under the conventional designations: ‘Jew’, ‘novel’, ‘gay’, ‘IDP entrepreneur’, etc. More about Living Library at EdCamp Ukraine 2018 is via the link.

08.09.2018 | Digital Technologies Are Coming To The Ukrainian School


"We start developing digital education in Ukraine – we are creating a national educational platform and e-textbooks, but we need help. In particular, we are inviting programmers and business representatives to work together," said Liliya Hrynevych. So, the experts of EdCamp Ukraine 2018 also shared their experience, discussed and taught hundreds of Ukrainian teachers to use the state-of-the-art gadgets and technologies.

02.09.2018 | Citizens of the Future. How Schools Work in Singapore


In the last five years, Singapore has firmly occupied top positions in leading world educational systems. Focus learned how the Singaporeans have achieved such impressive results and what is their formula for quality education.

02.09.2018 | The Reverse Side of the Profession. What Do Ukrainian Teachers Want?


Focus revealed that the Ukrainian teachers are most concerned about how the educational process is being changed on the eve of the promised reform of the Ministry of Education in secondary schools and how schoolchildren can gain knowledge without resorting to cramming.

28.08.2018 | Special Project for the 4th National (Un)conference for School Teachers Edcamp Ukraine 2018


The media project has gathered 20 interviews with guests of the national event, including representatives of the teaching, expert circles and authorities.

27.08.2018 | Collaborative Training. 32 Strategies for Co-Operation in the Classroom


Co-operative learning is based on the so-called ‘positive interdependence’, when success is possible only under condition of interaction with each other. This publication – a remarkable illustration of the edcamp’s effect of the ‘long tail’ – appeared after observing this educational approach in the schools of Singapore, which took place during Oleksandr Elkin’s training in July 2018 during the government program for leaders in education from 23 countries.

27.08.2018 | Rural And Sad. How to Make Ukrainian Literature Interesting for Schoolchildren?


During EdCamp Ukraine 2018, the teachers, even from ‘advanced’ schools, admitted that performing a program and preparing children for the final assessment test they often do not have time to instill children's love of reading, or to discover true – not ‘kalynova’ – Ukraine. Therefore, schoolleavers’ impression of the country is often almost iconic, like that portrait of Shevchenko wearing a fur hat on the wall in almost every country's literature classroom. What should be done to ensure that adolescents leaving school also have a holistic picture of the world as well as an adequate perception of their country, and be willing to engage in its public life?

17.08.2018 | "A Poor Teacher is A Dependent Person"


Where in the world the teacher's profession is the most respected? How much do teachers earn abroad and in Ukraine? How are future teachers trained and supported in school in the early years? How do Ukrainian teachers earn money out of school and how much should be the remuneration for teaching work? About the experience of Ukraine, the USA, Germany, Israel, Georgia and Finland is in our conversation with the Ukrainian and foreign teachers at the Fourth National (Un)conference EdCamp Ukraine 2018.

16.08.2018 | Sex, God, Death, War ... – How To Talk With Children About Complex Things


‘Who is the God? Why is the war going? Where did I come from?’ are normal children's questions that force adults to invent fables or to flee from the answer. How to talk with children about complicated and tabooed topics we interviewed people who work both with children and adults.

16.08.2018 | Five Myths about Optimizing the School Network and What to Do with Them


"No school, no village", "Do not close the school – the children will be there", The similar things can be heard in the communities when it comes to optimizing the school network. During the EdCamp (Un)conference in Kharkiv, the U-LEAD Europe Education Policy Counselor Iryna Kogut disassembled the main myths around this issue.

11.08.2018 | The Minister and Education Pains. As Liliya Hrynevych answered the questions of the teachers


Since the claim of independence in Ukraine, the most comprehensive reform of secondary education, which changes the basic settings of the school, starts in the upcoming school year. Before this event, representatives of the education sector have been preparing for several years and have faced many problems for example, the need for teachers’ retraining, and the reluctance to get rid of the Soviet traditions of the school, as well as chronic underfunding of the educational sector. You can read about the ways of resolving these issues is in the article at the link.

09.08.2018 | Parents and Teachers: How to Solve Conflicts and Collaborate for the Sake of Children

Parents and Teachers: How to Solve Conflicts and Collaborate for the Sake of Children

How does the partnership's pedagogy help solve difficult situations in order not to harm the child? Can conflicts be prevented and why are they hardly present in developed educational systems (say, in the Finnish one)? It was possible to talk about this with teachers, directors, psychologists, mediators and parents during the fourth national (un)conference of the Ukrainian teachers EdCamp Ukraine 2018.

09.08.2018 | Altrnative schools: should they be in Ukraine?


At one Israeli school, its director Yaacov Hecht was punished by the students for violating school rules. Many of us in childhood dreamed about such an opportunity. Now Hekht, an adviser to the six Israeli education ministers, is leading a network of Israeli democratic schools and sharing experiences with colleagues from all over the world. In July, he and many other experts from a dozen other countries, came to Kharkiv at EdCamp Ukraine 2018 to tell Ukrainian teachers how students can teach each other, learn what they like and take part in school management.

08.08.2018 | 10 Impressive Facts about Education in Singapore


The inspirer for the EdCamp movement, the advisor to the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Oleksandr Elkin, was an internship under the Leaders in Education program in Singapore and told Osvitoria what made the local education so unique and interesting for research.

31.07.2018 | Your Morning: A New Ukrainian School for First-Graders


From tomorrow, first-graders of the country will begin to study according to the standards of the New Ukrainian School (NUS). How will the learning process change? In the ‘Your morning’ studio we talked about this with Olena Masalitina, a program director for EdCamp in Ukraine.

17.07.2018 | To Study in the Shelter Zone: An Interview with the Principal of the School Located near the Delimitation Line


Olena Fostyk is the headteacher of a small school in a small village near the once lively road to Donetsk. Now the route is empty, but the school has been living an active life ... more active than you expect from the ‘gray and shelter zone’. More about this is in the article by Oksana Shevchenko.

15.07.2018 | Children's Media Project to the Fourth National (Un)conference for School Teachers EdCamp Ukraine 2018


The children-journalists have collected more than 40 interviews with the experts and teachers at the national event.

12.07.2018 | Educators for Educators: Innovations to Achieve the Goals of Sustainable Development in Ukraine


Teachers play an important role in achieving the Sustainable Development Agenda by 2030. More than 1,000 teachers from Ukraine and abroad gathered in Kharkiv on July 2-3, 2018, to discuss how teaching can enhance transparency and integrity. More is in the article from the United Nations Development Program in Ukraine.

10.07.2018 | In the Center, There is a Child, Not a Curriculum – An Interview With the German Innovator of Education


In Ukraine, the book by Margret Rasfeld and Stephan Breidenbach Schulen im Aufbruch – Eine Anstiftung («Школа на старті. Мотивація до дії») is about to appear in bookstores. Its first copies were purchased by participants of the Fourth National (Un)conference of EdCamp Ukraine. 4Mama was given the opportunity to publish an interview with Margret, which was made by the German commission of UNESCO, and Roman Chorniuk translated it into Ukrainian.

10.07.2018 | "If There are Such Teachers,Tthen This Means That Changes in the School are Irreversible," Liliya Hrynevych


"This is a really valuable event, and I appreciate its happening in Kharkiv. This initiative group is headed by Oleksandr Elkin, and I am very grateful to those people who are doing their job with enormous enthusiasm. Teachers are rather sceptical of what they are ‘taught’ from above. With much greater inspiration, they relate to the experience they receive from passionarians who have already done so. Therefore, we encourage organizing EdCamps everywhere", told the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine about EdCamp Ukraine 2018. More is via the link.

10.07.2018 | EdCamp: Why and What Teachers Should Go to the (Un)conference


The organizer of the Global Teacher Prize Ukraine Award, the project manager of the PC Osvitoria Olenka Severenchuk and the teacher of the Ukrainian language and literature of the Novopechersk school Ihor Khvorostyanyi tell us how the national event was held this time.

06.07.2018 | The Country of the Best Schools


It exists, and this country is Finland. About the reason why the Finnish school system has become the most effective in the world, as well as how we are going to implement the Finnish experience in the Ukrainian schools, as told by the guests of the program Actually – a PR and partnership manager of the EdCamp Ukraine NGO Iryna Minjkovsjka and the regional director of Finnish educational company Lumo Education Dmytro Naumenko.



The Fourth National (Un)conference of the Independent Teaching Community EdCamp Ukraine invited the 10th-grade pupils on purpose to help teachers improve their classroom teaching in an open lesson format. Liliya Hrynevych thanked the pulils who came to help teachers improve their lessons.

03.07.2018 | Teachers Set a National Record in Kharkiv During EdCamp Ukraine 2018


600 educators gathered at the Constitution Square in Kharkiv on July 2, in order to declare together the following: Ukrainian teachers stand for the school as a safe place for a child. The educators’ flash mob is recorded in the National Book of Records of Ukraine.

03.07.2018 | Edcamp Ukraine 2018: Teachers Set a National Record in Kharkiv


One of the best stories about the national record set by the participants of EdCamp Ukraine 2018 on the largest square in Kharkiv!

03.07.2018 | The School Of Future. Kharkiv Launched The Largest Educational Conference


Kharkiv launched the largest educational conference: educators from different parts of the country are discussing how to make the New Ukrainian school really interesting for schoolchildren. And Nataliia Moseichuk is looking for -like-minded people among the teachers who would like to join the school project at hospitals.

03.07.2018 | 568 Teachers Made Five Symbolic Figures in Kharkiv


568 teachers in Kharkiv at EdCamp Ukraine in 2018 made five figures that symbolize a safe space for children. The heart stands for love, the sign of 50 in the circle – the speed limit on the road, the sign of equality – non-discrimination, the sun – the partnership pedagogy, and the letters NUS(h) – the abbreviation for the New Ukrainian school.

03.07.2018 | Inclusive Education


The participants of the EdCamp Ukraine 2018 spoke about the foreign experience of the inclusive education system and the process of deinstitutionalisation in Ukrainian education Marina Krisov, a pedagogical consultant on informal and inclusive education from Israel, and Volodymyr Bryskin, a specialist in education issues at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

03.07.2018 | Thousands of Teachers Came to Kharkiv to Exchange Their Experience


About a thousand teachers from Ukraine and 16 countries came to Kharkiv to share their own experience and findings in teaching methods. The format of the event does not include compulsory speakers and provides space for creativity. More is at via the link.

02.07.2018 | Edcamp Ukraine (Un)conference Started in Kharkiv


One of the best video materials about the Fourth National (Un)conference for School Teachers EdCamp 2018!

02.07.2018 | News. UA: Kharkiv!


About Open Lessons on Corruption and Counteraction on EdCamp Ukraine 2018 (time code 1:50).



To believe, not give up, be partners without trying to control the whole world around us were the things that the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Liliya Hrynevych asked the teachers during the grand opening of the Fourth National (Un)conference for the Independent Teachers' Community EdCamp Ukraine on July 2, 2018.

02.07.2018 | The Edcamp Ukraine Educational Forum Participants Will Hold a Flashmob Devoted to Child Safety in the Centre of Kharkiv at the Place of the Fatal Accident


On Monday evening, the EdCamp Ukraine educational forum participants will hold a flashmob devoted to child safety site in Kharkiv at the place the fatal accident.

02.07.2018 | School Without Discrimination


What kind of bizarre veiled forms are taken by discrimination in school education, what was revealed by the anti-discriminatory examination of school textbooks, and how important to the children are the things transmitted by a teacher consciously (or unconsciously) are the ‘inconvenient’ issues told us by Anastasiia Melnychenko, the initiator of the loud project #ЯНеБоюсьСказати (#metoo) and coordinator of the course "The Non-Discriminatory Approach in Education/Training”.

02.07.2018 | "We Have All Conditions for the Implementation of the New Ukrainian School Concept," said Yuliia Svitlychna


The most comprehensive reform of secondary education in Ukraine, which changes the basic settings of the school, starts in the new academic year. The education sector employees and participants have been preparing for this event for several years and have faced many problems, for example, the need for retraining, the reluctance to get rid of the Soviet school traditions, and chronic underfunding of the educational sector. How they are planning to resolve these issues is in the article at the link.

02.07.2018 | Teachers Exchange Ideas and Set up National Record in Kharkiv


A short but interesting piece of material telling about the Fourth National (Un)conference for Teachers EdCamp Ukraine 2018 in English!



One of the guests of EdCamp Ukraine 2018 was Etan Boritzer from the USA, the author of the world's bestsellers for children who shared his knowledge on how to use books to talk with a child about such complex things as love, friendship and death. The conversation was very sincere and frank.

02.07.2018 | About a Thousand Kharkiv Teachers Set a Record for Ukraine


Who, what, where, when and why? Everything you wanted to know about the national record that teachers set up in Kharkiv on July 2 during the Fourth National (Un)conference EdCamp Ukraine 2018.

16.06.2018 | Several not obvious thoughts about inclusive education


"Inclusive education should cover all children,and not only children with special educational needs," says Inna Lutsenko, a research worker for the Institute of Special Education. During the mini-EdCamp in Slavutych, she told about the inclusive philosophy, as well as how to convince parents who object to the inclusive class.

25.05.2018 | How Teenagers Can Create a GoF Project: advice and cases


The article created at the regional EdCamp(un)conference in Poltava, by the teams of the Laboratory of Educational Change / Education Transformation Lab and Center for Innovative Education "Pro.Svit". The Rollerdrome Berezivka, Robocod 10 +, TV Lab, "AgroSmart" are all the projects created by Ukrainian school pupils. About how to encourage children to create their own projects, how to help them and raise funds you may read in the new article from the New Ukrainian School.

25.04.2018 | How Teachers and Parents Can Collaborate. The Facilitation Method


Find out in the article by Victoria Topol and the portal of the New Ukrainian School about 8 steps how to organize an effective and comfortable teacher-parent collaboration. The material was created on the regional event in Rokosovo. Thank you Halyna Tovadchych for the invitation of wonderful speakers, and Zoya Zinovjeva for a unique expert consultation!

18.04.2018 | How One Institute of Pedagogical Professional Development and Teaching Methods Office are Trying to Change the Professional Development Pattern


"The Teaching Methods office should change its role for the teacher. It should cease to control teachers, and instead provide methodological support and help qualitatively improve the qualification, "said Oksana Annikova, director of the scientific and methodological center in Oleksandriia (Kropyvnytskyi region). We invite you to read the article written by Viktoriia Topol according to the results of the regional (un)conference in Oleksandria.

06.04.2018 | How the Pilot School in Reshetylivka works


As you know, Viktoria Topol and the New Ukrainian School portal are following each regional event in the format of EdCamp. We had already articles about the events in Shostka, Chernigiv and Trudoliub, and now we can introduce you to the material about Reshetylivka. The morning circle, a model program, lepbooks and teachers who are always near the child are the things from the pilot school. The extraordinary interviews with the practitioners and schoolchildren about the primary school "in a new way"are on the link!

06.04.2018 | What Education is in Finland or Common Sense

This is an extremely useful article for everyone who dreams of a Finnish school but has never been to this northern country. The article consists of life hacks about walls and floors, the teachers’ room and toilets, cabinets and bells, books, garbage and the canteen, and much more. Read the interview with EdMandry to Finland member Valentyna Fedoryaka recorded by Viktoriia Topol during the regional (un)conference.

26.03.2018 | Finns near Poltava. How Scandinavian teachers gave lessons at the village school

Read Dima’s story, a school pupil of Trudoliub school, and about the influence of reflexes on daily school activities in the article by Halyna Kovalchuk!

22.03.2018 | How the Finns changed the school in the village in Poltava region for 7 days

Another cool article about the Ukrainian-Finnish experiment "To Change for 7 Days" at Trudoliub school. Some quotations have not been included, so we present them here: "Perhaps we ourselves did not fight for our progress -  we got a tutorial, we were taught and we have been working according to it." (Tetyana Sheliug). "I have 38 years experience. Someone says that this is a guarantee of professionalism. But now this experience and knowledge began to hinder" (Halyna Onopriienko).

22.03.2018 | THE LEADER WITHOUT A TITLE: how the teacher's dream came true, and the Finns came to the village school

"I really need a school of happiness in Trudoliub. I need it here. I want to do something useful for it ... Well ... as a leader without a title. I do not need a title. I want my grandchildren to say:"Our grandfather died for Ukraine and our grandmother travelled around the world, spoke English and changed her school after his death." And we will not say anything else – read it yourself.

12.03.2018 | Kaisu Helminen and Esa Sinivuori about the Finnish school

Did you know that not only NOKIA phones were "born" in a small northern country - the country, educational experts from which came to Ukraine to share their experience? And Angry Birds is a game known all over the world? And the world's largest cruise liners for the Caribbean and the world's largest icebreakers? And a small private company Ponsse that has already won the market of northern Europe as a manufacturer of logging equipment? About different things - and not educational :) – that you definitely did not know about Finland.

10.03.2018 | Partnership and Child Centering – Finnish experts helped teachers from the Poltava region to transform their school

The official website of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine has published a post-release on the first Finnish-Ukrainian experiment to transform the school called To Change for 7 Days.

10.03.2018 | How the Finnish model of education was implemented in the Ukrainian rural school

"They came not to teach, but to help in a different way use those valuable things that there have already been in our school." Valentyna Fedoriaka told about all the Finnish things that a small village school in Trudoliub had done before the arrival of Finnish experts from Lumo Education Ltd.

10.03.2018 | Co-teaching. What is it and why?

They wanted to co-learn, but did not know how and where to start? To your attention is an extremely important text from EdCamp Ukraine, Lumo Education Ltd., the portal of the New Ukrainian School and Nadiya Shvadchak!

09.03.2018 | Valentyna Fedoriaka about the implementation of the Finnish education experience in the Ukrainian school

Why did the Trudoliubivska School win the 7-Day to Change experiment? How was the co-teaching and assessment training of the Ukrainian teachers? What are the plans of the administration and school teachers now? See an interview with Valentyna Fedoriaka - a teacher of mathematics and physics, a person who had applied for the participation and lit the whole school with the idea of reforming in a Finnish way.

01.03.2018 | "My Dream is Here": How The Finnish Teachers Came to The Ukrainian Village School

The Ukrainian-Finnish experiment "To Change for 7 days" from the inside! About open lessons, self-assessment, the importance of stubbornly pursuing their goal, co-teaching, the need for questions and the child as the center of the universe. We thank the portal New Ukrainian School and Nadiya Shvadchak for trying to show the depth of the process. We really liked it. And you?

25.02.2018 | In the Village School in Poltava Region, the Finnish System of Education is Being Implemented

We answered the most frequently asked questions about the Ukrainian-Finnish experiment "To Change for 7 Days". What did Trudoliub secondary school do to win the competition? Has the school really changed and what are these changes? What is co-teaching? How to implement the Finnish methods into Ukrainian programs?

17.02.2018 | How to raise money for education and build partner relations

How does team unity affect the financial position of the organization? What is to focus on: ideas or resources? What is a preliminary contact and why is it so important to work with partners? Remember that "running a large-scale project does not always require an office, and the lack of resources should not be a reason to stop."

04.02.2018 | Inspirational advanced training. 23 techniques that we can use even tomorrow

Choose one of 23 advanced training techniques from EdCamp Ukraine depending on the level of complexity, the time you can spend on your professional growth, size and motivation of the team, the format of the aids, and even the weather!

31.01.2018 | One Document for the Whole School. How the Finns Bet on Children

The second part of the most detailed material about the educational expedition of EdCamp Ukraine to Finland - about the teacher’s autonomy, the assistance of service centers administration and the phenomenon as the basis of social constructivism.

25.01.2018 | Global Dignity Day 2017. The Most Massive in Europe

The curators of the Global Dignity Day in Ukrainian schools in 2017 shared practical recommendations and highlights of their events, as well as explained why this event "needs to be lived with the heart".

25.01.2018 | "To Change For 7 Days": Till February 2, Ukrainian Schools Can Compete and Invite Finnish Educational Experts to Their Institution

About the program and partners of the program "To Change for 7 days" is on the official website of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

18.01.2018 | It Smells Finland. What Ukrainian Teachers Can be Taught in the Coolest Schools in the World

The first part of the detailed and in-depth analysis of the Finnish system of education by Ukrainian educators and the EdMandry team from EdCamp Ukraine. Thank you Nadiia Bolekhovska and Valentyna Fedoriaka for frank comments.

11.01.2018 | Salmon Soup and Prestigious Vocational Schools. 7 facts about Finnish Education

This article is not only about salmon soup, but about the formation of evaluation, the single national Wilma electronic system and the absence of "dead ends" in the Finnish education system.

11.01.2018 | Editorial Outcomes-2017: Interviews on Socially Important Projects

Read here why the interview with the EdCamp Ukraine team was one of the best stories of the portal for 2017.

11.01.2018 | Education as a national idea. The best projects that formed it in 2017

Recognizing the EdCamp Ukraine movement at the state level, identifying the community as the most influential catalyst of changes among teachers suggests that we and you are moving in the right direction.

11.01.2018 | Is My Mother Still Washing the Window Frame?

About the experience of anti-discriminatory examination of such educational content as textbooks, programs and regulatory documents that EdCamp Ukraine has implemented for the past three years together with the Gender Information and Analytical Center "KRONA".

08.01.2018 | About the Education System in Finland (part 2)

Finland has a history similar to Ukraine, and we have a lot of challenges similar to the Finns’. About the Finnish experience of reforming the education system, how it started, and how the Ukrainian school teachers studied Finnish schools is in Oleksandr Elkin’ story.

29.12.2017 | About the Education System in Finland (Part 1)

Finland has a history similar to Ukraine, and we have a lot of challenges similar to the Finns’. About the Finnish experience of reforming the education system, how it started, and how the Ukrainian school teachers studied Finnish schools is in Oleksandr Elkin’ story.

22.12.2017 |  Actually

A little more about the Finnish teacher as a key player in the educational field, the difference between cultures and the peculiarities of educational reform in Finland. Watch the second EdMandry video of EdCamp Ukraine in Finland! :)

18.12.2017 | Your Morning

About White Crow, Finland, Estonia and not only! PR and partnership manager Iryna Minkovska told Kharkiv residents about the difference between EdMandry and educational tourism, the topic of the embassies of the Finnish system of education in Ukraine ... about who paid for the 20 Ukrainian educators getting into this program :)

27.11.2017 | #книгоНУШ. Educational communities have the opportunity to receive a set of 36 books for their own development

The EdCamp Ukraine team, together with the International Institute for Integrated Development, invites Ukrainian teachers to establish 10 book change laboratories in their schools and regional education communities.

23.11.2017 | THE ART OF SELF-IMPROVEMENT. How to motivate those who continue to work inertia?

Oleksandr Elkin and Iryna Minkovska spoke about the principles of effective and non-discriminatory teacher training, the pedagogy of the sun and the value bases of the profession wit the journalist of one of the most famous pedagogical editions of the country.

16.11.2017 | School Teacher = Entrepreneur. Is it possible in Ukraine?

Read why Ukrainian school teachers have all the chances of becoming successful entrepreneurs and about one of the major issues of the Fourth National (Un)conference EdCamp Ukraine 2018 in the publication of our incredible PR and partnership manager Iryna Minkovska.

02.11.2017 | How EdCamp makes teachers Important, or Long Tail Effect

"Killed a slave in myself", "got a second professional breathing", "the children began to listen to me more attentively." Who is it about? About the White Crow - about us and you, about everyone who works every day to change the Ukrainian education for the better. How does EdCamp Ukraine work, with what has everything started and what plans are coming to be realized (which are constantly updated - be careful too!)

19.10.2017 | #growth ingredients: EdCamp Ukraine

Guess who this is about: "My first education was economic cybernetics, parents insisted on it. After graduation I worked in Cyprus as a financial advisor, but returned to Ukraine at the heart's call, despite career perspectives abroad"? Check how well you know EdCamp Ukraine team and its work!

14.10.2017 | Center of attraction. New Orleans schools, teacher training and educational startups

Did you know that in 2005, after Katrina's hurricane (the most devastating in US history), 80% of New Orleans was under water, 2,000 were killed, thousands lost their homes, and the city suffered a loss of 108 billion dollars? BUT! After the tragedy, the coolest startups, social entrepreneurs and activists from all over America came to the city. During 10 years they managed to make huge changes in regional education. Which? Read in the article of PR and partnership EdCamp Ukraine manager Iryna Minkovska!

02.10.2017 | "Measurements": Is it easy to be an ideal teacher?

Oleksandr Elkin on whether the ideal teacher and happy teacher are the same person.

26.09.2017 | Teach the teacher. Few ideas from from the educational cluster at the Publisher Forum

Interesting facts about EdCamp in a Box. 3.0 program, successful educational practices, teacher's financial motivation and respect for the profession in cities and villages, raising the skills of participants in the educational cluster at the 24th Publisher Forum.

19.09.2017 | Oleksandr Elkin about the Global Teacher Prize Ukraine Final on the Voice of the Capital radio

About the goal of Global Teacher Prize Ukraine - a strategic and tactical, hidden prize for finalists, the diversity of the top 20 and the inspirational atmosphere in Odesa, as well as about the opportunities for professional growth and three progressive norms of the new system of professional training in the law "On Education".

23.08.2017 | The EdCamp Movement in Ukraine - How to Train Responsible Teachers for the New School

About the cooperation between the NGO and the state sector in teacher training, how to bridge the gap between the needs of the market and school, about Finland and foreign experience, about the possibilities to get involved in school reform support - in EDCAMP UKRAINE INTERVIEW at BLOG.IMENA.UA.

12.08.2017 | In Ukraine the best teacher of the country is continuing to be searched

Among those who have already applied for participation in the Global Teacher Prize Ukraine, and a 24-year-old physics teacher, and 71-year-old teacher of literature. About the nominees, as well as the "white crows" of EdCamp Ukraine Oleksandr Elkin told 1+1.

26.07.2017 | Olena Malakhova: "Feminitives are not a tribute to the fashion, they are characteristic of the Ukrainian language as a system"

PhD in Philology, advisor to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on Gender Equality and Anti-Discrimination in Education, EdCamp Ukraine Program Coordinator on why lately feminitives are actively used in verbal and written language, or is it planned to introduce the rules of feminitives using in Ukrainian grammar.

11.07.2017 | Education reform. How will the Ukrainian school change?

Deputy Minister of Education and Science Pavlo Khobzey, analyst of the CEDOS Center Iryna Kogut and program co-ordinator of EdCamp Ukraine Olena Malakhova in a new way about the new law "On Education".

04.07.2017 | About Languages. Feminitives

How to call a woman who works as an ambassador? Find answers in the feminist program from the Adviser to the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Olena Malakhova.

30.06.2017 | Teachers #надтоважливі (#tooimportant). What new law "On education" will give to the teacher

What should be the teacher training system like? How does the new law "On Education" help the teacher to grow professionally? Find out which formula the EdCamp Ukraine team finds helpful.

27.06.2017 | The White Crows of education, or the community of responsible teachers

The masters of the authoritative school magazine tried to answer the questions of those who have never joined EdCamp (un)conferences - what are they different from ordinary pedagogical events, and why they are so far removed the Ukrainian school from the Soviet past.

26.06.2017 | When the educator is at the center of attention. All-Ukrainian (un)conference EdCamp Ukraine - 2017

Experts from the magazine have investigated how the team of the Third National (Un)conference hosted a pedagogical conference as one of the most significant events of the year in the life of teachers. What is PR, how to conduct an advertising campaign, and can this be learned by the administration and the teachers of Ukrainian schools?

25.06.2017 | "WHITE CROWS" - 2017. Caring teachers "fluttered" on the Third National (Un)conference EdCamp Ukraine

The modern teacher must constantly develop. Therefore, it is so important to participate in a variety of activities that allow you to expand the pedagogical horizons and see the path to perfection. How to survive on EdCamp's - read in part "Lifehucks to visit EdCamp".

24.06.2017 | There is something to be proud of, and where to work in. Inspired essays by EdCamp Ukraine

Teachers-biologists form a solid platform for further professional development of specialists in the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine. A well-known pedagogical publishing house about the session "Agroprofessions: Myths and Reality" from one of the largest agricultural holdings in Ukraine.

13.05.2017 | The Third National (Un)conference for School Teachers EdCamp Ukraine

Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Liliya Grynevych and spokeswoman of EdCamp Ukraine Iryna Minjkovsjka about readiness of teachers, parents and schoolstudents to changes in national education.

12.05.2017 | 700 white crows

Anastasija Donsjka, Larysa Denysenko, Mykola Skyba, Halyna Tkachuk, Viktor Kruglov, Nastja Meljnychenko about EdCamp Ukraine 2017. Warm, sincere and profound words!

05.05.2017 | Teacher is looking for, police is looking for ... or "districts" as the mazes of fate

9 000 teachers said "Get out!" to Bureaucrazavr in the study "Children and Papers: How to Achieve Balance at School." Specially for "Ukrainska pravda. Life" Oleksandr Elkin, Oleg Marushchenko and the team of EdCamp Ukraine have prepared an article on the current results of the Working Group on de-bureaucratization of school management under the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

04.05.2017 | How to make Ukrainian school interesting. Advise of international experts

Loss of interest to school, vast amounts of information that is necessary to remember, lack of practical application of knowledge - these problems are all familiar to teachers worldwide. Anna Zharova, Irena Pranskeviciute, Puhach Yauheni, Vlada Khimenko, Giovanni Porcellana about how Ukraine can make school interesting and comfortable.

04.05.2017 | EdCamp (un)conference is hapenning in Kharkiv

The video just from the scene and answers to the questions, what EdCamp format differs from other educational techniques, how many speakers are simultaneously conducting sessions at EdCamp Ukraine 2017, who are the "white crows" and what is a long tail.

04.05.2017 | Liliya Hrynevych: "It is wrong to consider parents a resource that will help to equip the school, then they lose the trust"

We offer to read about why in Ukraine the crisis of a knowledgeable school is, why 60% of children use tutoring services, how to solve the problem of technologies at schools and when society has outstripped secondary education in its development.

03.05.2017 | 100 000 hryvnias and an invitation to Dubai: the contest for the best teacher of the year started

Does everyone remember that at EdCamp Ukraine 2017 a national stage of the Nobel Prize for educators - Global Teacher Prize Ukraine launched? Read more about who can participate, what evaluation criteria are and what the winner receives :-)

03.05.2017 | Waiting for "New Ukrainian School"

What questions did the teachers ask to the Ministry of Education and Science Liliya Hrynevych at the Third National (Un)conference EdCamp Ukraine 2017?

02.05.2017 | Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Liliya Hrynevych visited Kharkiv

The mission of teachers - to be a light. The mission of education - to discover the world. Since it is rapidly changing, schools and teachers must also change. I know how difficult it is for those who have an active role in their groups. I wish EdCamp would give you the inspiration to go forward. When I see this room, and these people, I am sure that the new Ukrainian school, the school of competencies of XXI century will be!", - Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine Liliia Hrynevych.

02.05.2017 | Liliya Hrynevych: children will dance and sing

Why should children have to draw, sing and dance at school? When instead of methodological cabinets should "educational service centers" that will supervise and assist teachers appear? What do we need to get a teacher - mentor and friend for each child? Participants of the Third national (un)conference EdCamp Ukraine 2017 were looking for answers of these questions.

01.05.2017 | Zhadan and children. How schoolchildren taught the teachers

"They wish us peace and our land to be all reunited. Wish us good. They call to come to Lviv region, want to come to visit us, they want to talk more. In fact, it is unexpected but very nice!" Children from Stanytsa Luhanska responded to letters which the teacher from Lviv region have brought for them.

01.05.2017 | New Ukrainian School. Hundreds of teachers gathered in Kharkiv to support educational reform

Some teachers are not satisfied with outdated curricula, others - with the excess paperwork and the lack of practical application of knowledge. In their schools these teachers feel like white crows, and here at the forum - they are among the alike-minded persons. They are looking for new friends and share contacts. How it happens - watch cool video from TV Gromadske.

30.04.2017 | Experts from 20 countries gathered at EdCamp Ukraine

Implementation of sexual education, inclusion and changes in programs - for such innovations education system is waiting", - Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Liliia Hrynevych said within the Third educational (un)conference EdCamp.

30.04.2017 | News 112. Release 16:00, 30.04.2017

Just from the event`s place on national TV :)

29.04.2017 | The third national EdCamp Ukraine has been opened in Kharkiv

Stock up with white paint! "We are building a community of responsible teachers! - participants of the event affirm. We are white crows in the educational space, but we do not suffer from this, on the contrary: we offer all teachers to stock up with white paint!"

29.04.2017 | In Kharkiv huge all-Ukrainian (un)conference for educators is being held

A video from the event that answers the questions, why EdCamp format is different from other educational techniques, how many speakers held sessions at the same time at EdCamp Ukraine 2017, who "white crows" are and long tail is.

29.04.2017 | In Kharkiv national (un)conference EdCamp Ukraine - 2017 is being held

"Development and professional growth of the teacher can be occured in different forms and institutions. Teachers, if they want, can develop programs themselves, basing on the abilities of schoolstudents and on their own experience. Freedom and independence should become the most important factors for the work of teachers. School itself should prepare not for exams, but for life", - Oleksandr Elkin, inspirer of the EdCamp movement in Ukraine, said.

28.04.2017 | April 29 Liliia Hrynevych with 650 Ukrainian teachers and experts from 20 countries will participate in EdCamp Ukraine 2017

Liliia Hrynevych will join EdCamp Ukraine 2017 and during Saturday along with the Head of Kharkiv Regional State Administration Yuliia Svitlychna will attend the opening of (un)conference and the start of the national phase of Global Teachers Prize, during the "frank conversation" will communicate with teachers about the "New Ukrainian School", listen to Sir Ken Robinson and will take part in an informal meeting with experts from 20 countries.

27.04.2017 | Professions of the future

To give advice about the future teacher himself/ herself must see this future and possibilities of it for the child. In the projections of the most popular professions in 2030 Canadian experts put teacher on the first place. That is why the main theme of the Third National (Un)conference will be "New Ukrainian School", which is to prepare children for the future and new jobs. Aestheticians, school nutritionists, simplicity experts ... which specialties are also defined by this study?

22.04.2017 | How do we prepare books for EdCamp Ukraine 2017

At which stand at the Third National (Un)conference will be possible not only to get verbal advice, but also information cards about various books and a brief description explaining why these books are worth reading by teachers and their students? What publishing houses have supporeted literary gatherings?

13.04.2017 | Children will evaluate teachers` work within open classes

In Ukraine children evaluating teachers - an unprecedented phenomenon for the current school system, in which teachers have the inviolable authority, and school students are often left out of the educational process. What will open lessons on the Third National (Un)conference EdCamp Ukraine in 2017 look like?

12.04.2017 | New education: children will evaluate teachers` work

During the Third National (Un)conference EdCamp Ukraine - as at the First and the Second - teachers from all over Ukraine will be able to learn their real professional level. Open classes - except the teachers and facilitators - will be evaluated by the children. Do they cope with unfamiliar audience? Do girls and boys like their method of teaching?

04.04.2017 | EdCamp: gender parallel of school education

What was the gender parallel at the Second National (Un)conference EdCamp Ukraine 2016? Who became practitioners? Why should we seek to school, friendly and attentive to children and adults, regardless of gender? Thanks to the publication created for the understanding of gender issues in Ukrainian society for wonderful material.

01.04.2017 | Talk with Oleksandr Elkin about the way that EdCamp Ukraine team went from dream to community

Straight talk with Oleksandr Elkin about the way that EdCamp Ukraine team passed from dream to community: 8000 registered students, current topics, foreign speakers and new software!

20.03.2017 | During two days Ukrainian teachers will get 150 options for professional development

Listen to Oleksandr Elkin and Olena Malakhova about how we choose the winners, which topics interest Ukrainian school teachers, what experience of the educational expedition to Finland will be represented at the event and even about where we take funding for such large-scale events.

14.03.2017 | Trust and responsibility: 10 observations of the Finnish education from Oleksandr Elkin

According to PISA research reading, mathematical and science literacy of the Finnish school students traditionally is on a high level. But why is Finland among leaders for so many years? We suggest you to read the first impressions of Oleksandr Elkin and Olena Malakhova on educational expedition to Finnish schools.

10.03.2017 | Liliia Hrynevych will join 600 teachers at EdCamp Ukraine 2017

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine Liliia Hrynevych will live April 29 in New Ukrainian School, along with the 600 teachers from all over Ukraine! "We believe that core and change agents, on which success of most of the reforms of the "New Ukrainian School ", is practicing teachers. Teachers who are willing to be active, participate in activities of EdCamp and share experiences with each other",- said Mrs. Hrynevych.

06.03.2017 | "Children and papers": hunting for "bureaukrazavr" and project conclusionsnt

Answers to the most painful questions about the paper load and solutions of the problem from the Head of Board of NGO "EdCamp Ukraine" Oleksandr Elkin.

11.02.2017 | Academy of Pedagogical Science Lost its Monopoly on Curriculum Development

What has the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine Liliia Hrynevych tell during her speech at the podium discussion "Change Agents of the New Ukrainian schools. Who Are They?" within the (un)conference mini-EdCamp "Progressive Changes in Elementary School" held on February 11, 2017 in Kyiv?

11.02.2017 | Oleksandr Elkin About EdCamp and Why It Is Important

If you were unable to attend mini-EdCamp Kyiv, now you can watch video of the podium discussion involving Minister of Education and Science Liliia Hrynevych, inspirer of EdCamp movement in Ukraine Oleksandr Elkin, Director of the Department of Education and Science of KCSA Olena Fidanyan, Head of board of the company "Liko- Holding" Igor Lysov, headmistress of Kyiv school № 5 Svitlana Oleksyuk, teacher and chairman of the parent committee of Liko-school - Nina Bardakova and Heorhii Khioni.

27.01.2017 | EdCamp Ukraine Is Provider of Educational Initiatives in Ukraine

Known edition of pedagogical press and literature publishing house "Shkiljnyj svit (School World)" spoke with Oleksandr Elkin about successful state-public partnership in the project "Children and Papers: How to Achieve Balance at School" and educator`s openness, his motivation and willingness to change as the main criteria to be selected not only in the events of EdCamp Ukraine, but also in the New Ukrainian School.

23.12.2016 | The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine starts de-bureaucratization of school activity

On the main educational resource of the country information resource the Order № 1593 of 22.12.2016, the Working Group to update the standard instruction ащк secondary schools, and the final report on the survey "Children and Papers: How to Achieve Balance at School" has been placed.

19.12.2016 | In the final of the Ukrainian-German project "Youth Debates" school students debated about 12-years school education

The main educational web-site of the country told about Kemmann Ansgar, who developed the technique of "Jugend debattiert" 15 years ago and due to whom it has become widespread in Germany, as well as about the winners of the "Youth Debates" final in Ukraine now.

09.12.2016 | "Viddzerkalennia" program

Iryna Minjkovsjka and Kateryna Didenko — spokesperson of EdCamp Ukraine and student of Kharkiv sanatorium educational complex № 13 — on one of the best Kharkiv television programs "Viddzerkalennia".

09.12.2016 | Students will debate according to German methodics

This is not our emotions, it is friendly press center in Kharkiv, where the teams of EdCamp Ukraine and Internationalen Haus Sonnenberg spoke about the German-Ukrainian project "Youth Debates" and invited the general public to semi-final and final on 10 and 11 December.

29.11.2016 | O. Elkin: laugh through tears. Document o byurokrazavr

Head of the Subcommittee of secondary education in the Public Council under the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and inspirer of EdCamp movement in Ukraine on the most irrelevant and unnecessary documents in Ukrainian schools.

29.11.2016 | Almost 7 hours a week a teacher spends on paperwork - the survey

Famous opinion about short working day of the teacher "till 12 and home" has appeared a myth. Learn more about this and other stereotypes in an interview with the inspirer of EdCamp movement in Ukraine Oleksandr Elkin and the counselor of the minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Oksana Makarenko.

23.11.2016 | 60 million USD per year on printing and 12 hours a week on paperwork at schools - an interim report of the project "Children and Papers" has been published

"We will certainly not be able to cancel all the documents, as some participants of the survey have suggested, but this study showed us the priorities in the direction of de-bureaucratization of the general secondary education", Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Liliia Hrynevych has promised.

04.11.2016 | Paper and School

"Each Ukrainian school produces documents at least on 2,000 sheets of paper monthly." The EdCamp Ukraine inspirer Oleksandr Elkin gave an interview to Lviv newspaper with the highest circulation the team of which devoted the next issue to the problem of de-bureaucratization of secondary education in Ukraine.

12.10.2016 | A joint initiative of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and EdCamp Ukraine on de-bureaucratization of school activities "Cancel Unnecessary Reporting in Schools and Free up Time for Teachers to Work with Children"

Government portal shared the first results of the first in Ukraine anonymous systemic survey of documentation and reporting in secondary school "Children and Papers: How to achieve Balance at School" with the expert circle and the public.

19.06.2016 | Ukrainian pupils will be trained to debate according to the German techniques

In Ukraine, the project "Youth Debates" (Jugend debattiert), which aims to teach today's students –tomorrow's managers –  to debate correctly and make mature decisions, is starting. Olena Malakhova tells about this new initiative of EdCamp Ukraine.

08.06.2016 | Why do some books have no pictures of girls?

Have you ever noticed that in school textbooks pictures, drawings and images you can see boys, men, old men rather than others? Why girls’ images are ignored and who benefits by it are the questions examined by the experts on gender issues Iryna Kogut and Olena Malakhova.

01.06.2016 | Reform in education

Education requires not only new declarations and laws but, at first, the new values. Secondary education in Ukraine is free and mandatory but what are the reasons to go to school. About this and what is wrong in the educational system is in the interview by Oleksandr Elkin.

26.05.2016 | Oleksandr Elkin, “The revolution in education happens at school lessons”

The revolution in education does not begin in high offices, it starts in the classroom. Changes are we ourselves because it is in our hands to change things around. Changing school and teachers in order to make a child happy is the purpose of EdCamp Ukraine. Oleksandr Elkin tells about the project features.

17.05.2016 |