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We are building
a community
of responsible teachers!

April 9 and 10, 2016

EdCamp Ukraine 2016 | Место проведения


EdCamp (un)conferences are held by adopting new participant-driven format for educators to co-create all over the world.

EdCamp Ukraine 2016 | Agents of change
EdCamp Ukraine 2016 | Professional development
EdCamp Ukraine 2016 | Meeting place

Democratic meeting

Unique platform
for professional development

The best agents of change community

Educators come together
to discuss the most concerning problems.

Open exchange of teaching experience, collaboration and solution of common problems
based on the principle "Give – Get".

Effective model
for transformations in education
at the level of a school, a region
and the country as whole –
we are the force together!

for School Teachers  


Who can participate
in EdCamp Ukraine 2016


Both young and experienced educators
of Ukrainian schools are invited to take part
in the event. It does not matter what subjects you teach and how old your students are to be selected
for participation. The major criterion is your motivation for development and your willingness
to take responsibility!

Since the original EdCamp in Philadelphia (USA)
in 2010 there have been over 950 events around
the world in 26 countries which have brought together more than 70,000 passionate educators. 
Ukraine became the 9th country in the world
and the 3rd one in Europe, that joined the EdCamp movement. We organized the unforgettable 

EDCAMP UKRAINE 2015 and 11 regional 
MINI-EDCAMPS all over the country. The format
of pedagogical unconference has been in demand.



EdCamp Ukraine 2016 | Oleksandr Elkin
EdCamp Ukraine 2016 | Maryna Pashchenko
EdCamp Ukraine 2016 | Olena Malakhova
EdCamp Ukraine 2016 | Iryna Min'kovs'ka
EdCamp Ukraine 2016 | Юлія Манохіна
EdCamp Ukraine 2016 | Ірина Железнякова
EdCamp Ukraine 2016 | Артем Захаров
EdCamp Ukraine 2016 | Зоя Зиновьева

Zoya Zinov'eva

Facilitator of Teachers Sessions


“We create opportunities for open up”

EdCamp Ukraine 2016 | Лейла Алієва
EdCamp Ukraine 2016 | Олег Марущенко
EdCamp Ukraine 2016 | Ігор Соломадін
EdCamp Ukraine 2016 | Альона Овчарова
EdCamp Ukraine 2016 | Олександра Єгорова
EdCamp Ukraine 2016 | Євгенія Каськова
EdCamp Ukraine 2016 | Юлия Шпак
EdCamp Ukraine 2016 | Igor Zabolotnnyi
EdCamp Ukraine 2016 | Olena Zagors'ka
EdCamp Ukraine 2016 | Людмила Савченко
EdCamp Ukraine 2016 | Євген Полтенко
EdCamp Ukraine 2016 | Марина Плужник-Гладир


EdCamp Ukraine 2016 | Закон о двух ногах
EdCamp Ukraine 2016 | Спикеры
EdCamp Ukraine 2016 | Программа
EdCamp Ukraine 2016 | Свободная инициатива
EdCamp Ukraine 2016 | Independence
EdCamp Ukraine 2016 | Free

Edcamp is offered at no cost
to attendees which enables educators from any and all schools,
both from town and the countryside, both the experienced and beginners,
to participate.


EdCamp is held for training each other in a democratic atmosphere.
Every educator has an opportunity
to express their thoughts freely,
take part in a discussion
and defend their opinion.


Everyone can host EdСamp
in their area: any local educational authority, any school,
public organization
or informal group of teachers. 

Open Initiative

On the morning of the first day a timetable and session topics
are planned by all participants.
Due to the spontaneity the plan
of events meets the needs
of the participants
as much as possible.

Created by Participants
on the First Day 

If you attend EdСamp,
you are empowered to drive
the conversation. Everyone who cares how education is developing in Ukraine can share their experience
in the uniting atmosphere.

Sessions Facilitated
by Everyone

on the "Law of Two Feet"

Attendees find the sessions meeting their needs on their own. This ”law” ensures an effective way to “drop out” the presentations that are not topical for educators or presented
in an unattractive way.



EdCamp Ukraine 2016 | Nadezhda Bedikian
EdCamp Ukraine 2016 | Anna Miagkykh
EdCamp Ukraine 2016 | Liliia Borovets
EdCamp Ukraine 2016 | Iryna Sokol

Iryna Sokol

Zaporizhzhia RIOPPE, mini-EdCamp Zaporizhzhia

“This is a real treasury of creative ideas, new friends and positive communication“

EdCamp Ukraine 2016 | Inna Bushyna
EdCamp Ukraine 2016 | Svetlana Stelmakh
EdCamp Ukraine 2016 | Oleksiy Vovk
EdCamp Ukraine 2016 | Tetiana Chuiko
EdCamp Ukraine 2016 | Oksana Domaratska
EdCamp Ukraine 2016 | Khrystyna Shostyr
EdCamp Ukraine 2016 | Nadezhda Kravchenko

And when and where will EdCamp
take place, which was initiated by you?


Interesting Guests
Interesting Guests

Administrators at various levels of education, students and their parents, students of pedagogical specialties, library and museum sector workers, business and social activists working in the field of education and media.

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Smart Presenters
Smart Presenters

The pool of national and international experts. Push the icon and learn more about the invited speakers and content of the sessions here.

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Four Highlights
Four Highlights

Gender and education, school health, environmental education, community integration, English as a national priority.

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Public Lesson Presentation
Public Lesson Presentation

Zest of EdCamp Ukraine 2016: on the basis of combined class - pupils of different schools of Ukraine invited by "From Country to Ukraine" Foundation- we will offer to hold public lessons using the "aquarium" method. Let us improve our teaching skills together!

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Our team translated, adapted for Ukrainian users and is presenting one of the professional top-courses from the world famous MOOC platforms – Coursera – Coaching Tecahers: Promoting Changes that Stick. Learn coaching at school and develop together.

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Interactive Zones
Interactive Zones

Some topics of the program will be presented as continuous interactive zones: you will have an opportunity to try on ”gender glasses”, look through new books, and… we leave with intrigue over the rest! :)

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One of the favourite locations for meeting, communicating and discussing was the café with “inspiring coffee” and “responsible biscuits”. We have good news for you – it will be there again!

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Sustainable Development
Sustainable Development

In 2016, the countries have a historic opportunity to unite around the 17 goals to ensure the welfare of the world. Take part in a thematic photo shoot and learn about the challenges of global education.

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Museum and School
Museum and School

Part of the program with the "Mystetskyi Arsenal" will be devoted to work in museums. And it will not be just visiting exhibitions, but getting acquainted with the museum workers and their resources to cooperate within the educational process.

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Human Library
Human Library

Human Library is a new format of dialogue and discussion with ordinary people, who you see every day or have never seen before. This is an opportunity to find out what you have never thought about and to get first-hand information.

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Educational Quest
Educational Quest

During the (un)conference, you can take part in an exciting developing game in a modern format. We will seek answers to unexpected questions - and get presents for that.

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Tour of Kharkiv
Tour of Kharkiv

It is a city of teaching traditions and educational innovations. We invite you to get acquainted with our city: discover Kharkiv with charismatic guidess Olena Yelagina. Push the icon and get registered.

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Mini-EdCamps: history
Mini-EdCamps: history

11 coordinators from all over Ukraine will share their impressions and experiences of organizing regional (un)conferences and tell about how to host an EdCamp at your school.

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Youth and Debates
Youth and Debates

Unique German-Ukrainian project is aimed at the development of democracy, the training of young people be able to competently defend their point of view. We are announcing the selection of 16 teachers to participate in the project and a study trip to Berlin.

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Music Camp Kharkiv
Music Camp Kharkiv

Along with the national (un)conference children's musical intensive training under the supervision of outstanding Constance Fortunato will take place. We invite you to the Final Concert, as well as to the camp on the Open Day.

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Charity Event
Charity Event

Those, who save one life, save the whole world. We will unite the efforts of Ukrainian teachers to solve the actual problems of children who are in need of special attention. Everyone can help!

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Magazine EdCamp Ukraine 2016
Magazine EdCamp Ukraine 2016

In cooperation with the “Osnova” publishing group we will publish an exlusive magazine featuring all the interesting facts from experts’ and teachers’ sessions, interviews, impressions, links and contacts.

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EdCamp in a Box
EdCamp in a Box

"EdCamp in a Box" – this is all that you need for hosting an unforgettable (un)conference. We are presenting a unique program of support for the development of the movement EdCamp in Ukraine.

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A full deatiled version of EdCamp Ukraine 2016 program is available via this link.



Contact us
by filling in the 


before MARCH 7, 2016 (the number of places is limited, hurry*)

Successfully pass
the interview and stand
a chance to win
in our competition,
the results of which will
be announced before MARCH 20, 2016.

Make a commitment
to bring your EdCamp learning back to your pupils, parents, colleagues –
giving us the feedback
in the form of an essay
after visiting
the (un)conference until MAY 31, 2016.

Take care of your journey
to the event – you will have to buy return tickets at your own expense.
If you are from Kharkiv,
then make a symbolic donation to the budget
of the program
EdCamp in a Box**.
The rest of the costs
are taken
by EdCamp Ukraine. 

* EdCamp Ukraine is a non-profit initiative of the NGO "EdCamp Ukraine." We take care of the participants ensuring
they need not spend money on accommodation, food, pay for education, expert advice, workshops
and educational materials. All these significant costs are sponsored by our supporters
 partners of the (un) conference.


** Charity contribution to the budget of the program EdCamp in a Box to support the movement (un)conference in Ukraine taking into account equal opportunities  for people living in the city, which hosts EdCamp (i.e., they do not need to spend money on travelling to the place)   is 200 UAH.


To ensure that EdCamp Ukraine takes place we need the support of volunteers who are willing to invest their time and talents. We invite you to help us in carrying out the Second National (Un)conference for School Teachers – register on the LINK 

and we will tell you about all branches of EdCamp Volunteers.


It has been proved: the most interesting things start after EdCamps! As a result of productive dialogue
you become acquainted with many people, new ideas and joint projects are born: this is the so-called
"long tail" effect. After the first national event we held the
a training course that brought together 13,000 students from 120 different schools.
What will happen this year? Look forward to news ;)




State partnership: 

Supported by Maryna Poroshenko
Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
Institute of Education Content Modernization

EdCamp Ukraine is proud to be helped and sponsored by the following organizations and their employees
who share our vision of advancing self-directed learning among educators:

Supported by the Department for Media, Education and Culture of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine.


Want to support EdCamp Ukraine in 2016? Plenty of space for everyone!
CONTACT US to discuss the possibilities of cooperation.

Here you can watch videos of expert sessions
at EdCamp Ukraine 2016:

Here you canl find photo memories kindly kept  by our friends from BRIDAL GROUP:



EdCamp Ukraine 2016 | Фото
EdCamp Ukraine 2016 | Видео

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EdCamp Ukraine 2016 | Gender Expertise

Інформація була успішно відправлена!

7 березня, 2016

Нас підтримає Громадська рада при Міністерстві освіти і науки України

2 березня, 2016

"Переконана, що освіта є фундаментом сильної нації" – Марина ПОРОШЕНКО підтримує EdCamp Ukraine 2016


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