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June 23 and 24, 2015 

Kharkiv, Cultural Center
“Beith Dan”, Tobols'ka Str., 46 

EdCamp Ukraine logo

The first national (un)conference  
for school teachers 

We are building a community of responsible teachers!

About EdCamp

What is EdCamp

EdCamp (un)conferences are conducted all over the world in a new format of discussions specifically
for teachers. 

EdCamp Ukraine - democratic meeting place

meeting place 

Teachers get together 

to discuss the issues
they are most
concerned with.

EdCamp Ukraine - unique platform for professional growth

Unique platform
for professional growth

Open exchange of teaching experience, cooperation 

and solution of shared tasks on the basis of the principle "Give – Get"
("Give, if you can –
Take, if you want").

EdCamp Ukraine - community of the best agents of changes

Community of the best change agents

Efficient model for provoking changes in education 

on the level of each individual school, the region and the country as a whole –
we are strong together!

Who can take part 

in EdCamp Ukraine

A little history

Both novices in teaching and “veterans” 

of school education in Ukraine are invited
to participate. During the competitive selection
of participants neither the subject (s)he teaches nor the age of students is important.
The main criterion is motivation
for the development and willingness
to take responsibility for the future!


EdCamp was founded in Philadelphia (USA) 

in the summer of 2010. Since then,
over 550 events have been held in 15 countries, bringing together more than 25 000 teachers.
In Ukraine, this unique event will be held
for the first time. And we do hope that
the educational (un)conference will become
a sought-after and regular event.


Who and why creates EdCamp Ukraine

Principles of EdCamp

EdCamp Ukraine - independence
EdCamp Ukraine - free-of-charge basis

The participants do not pay for entering EdCamp. 

It allows to guarantee
that different teachers
both from big cities
and far-off regions
will be able to participate. 

Free-of-charge basis

EdCamp is held
to teach each other 
in the democratic environment. The teachers will have an opportunity
to express their thoughts freely 
any outside influence. 


Open initiative

Anyone can host 

EdCamp, whether
a district administration
of education, an individual school, a public organization or an informal group
of teachers.

The program
of the (un)conference
is practically never prepared beforehand. In the morning of the first day the schedule and the topics
of communication are planned jointly with all
the participants. Due to this spontaneity the plan
of events will meet the needs of all the participants.

The program is defined
on the first day of holding 

Anyone who visits
EdCamp has the right
to have the floor.
All the teachers,
education administrators
and other participants deserve the opportunity
to share their experience
in a unifying atmosphere.

Each participant
can become the speaker 

The law
of “two legs” works

The participants
determine which of the sessions they should visit themselves. This provides 
an efficient way to "drop" 
the speeches
that are not relevant
to the teachers 
or presented
in an unattractive manner.


Why does Ukraine need EdCamp

Teacher's voice

Pull of national
and international experts. Learn more about smart-presenters and content
of the proposed sessions
via this REFERENCE.


Five topical
directions of work

Technologies in education,

new educational formats
and tools, science at school,
library resources
for education, the challenges of national education.

Throughout the year,
10 regional events
will take place
in the regional centers
of Ukraine, the responsibility for which will be taken
by the teachers
who will win
the competition.

The competition
for grants to conduct
mini-EdCamp in the cities

we will speak about 

Standards of generation Z, new media in the classroom,
gamification of education, STEM and TRIZ,
flipped classroom,
scrubbing, critical thinking, financial literacy,
career guidance services and a lot more.

Panel discussions,
school vice versa, workshops, 


personal coaching,
meetings with children's authors, cinema,
creative training sessions and etc.

of a new format 

Interesting guests

What EdCamp Ukraine will include

Administrators at different levels of education,
students and their parents, the library sector,
public figures and business engaged in education,
media representatives.


How to become a participant of EdCamp Ukraine

Become a participant

Express your willingness
to participate by filling in
before MAY 31
(the number of places
is limited, hurry up*).

Pass a screening
interview and win
the competition,
the results of which
will be announced
on JUNE 8.

Take up obligations
to convey the knowledge
to students, parents, colleagues, reporting
in the form of an essay
after visiting EdCamp.

Take up your traveling
costs to arrive at the location of the event – purchase
the tickets at your expense.
Or if you are from Kharkiv, make a token financial contribution
to the budget of the competition for grants
to conduct mini-EdCamp
in the regions**.
The other costs
are defrayed
by EdCamp Ukraine

* EdCamp is a non-profit initiative. We take care of the participants so they will not have to spend money on accommodation, food, studying, expert consultations, workshops and educational materials. All these significant costs are assumed by our opinion allies, partners of the (un)conference.


** The charitable financial contribution to the budget of the competition for grants to conduct mini-EdCamp in the regions
is accessible to persons living in the hosting EdCamp city. This contribution amounts 100 hryvnia; these money will be transferred
to the finalists of the Grants contest.

Our partners 


EdCamp Ukraine will be held owing to the assistance of these wonderful organizations and their employees: 

Supported by the Department for Media, Education and Culture of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine.


Are you willing to support EdCamp Ukraine? There is enough space for everyone!
Contact us to discuss the opportunities of cooperation.

© 2015 - 2018, Public organization "EdCamp Ukraine"

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16 жовтня, 2015

Результати конкурсу на проведення міні-EdCamp'ів в Україні

15 липня, 2015

Оголошуємо конкурс грантів на проведення міні-EdCamp'ів!


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