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Welcome to the community of responsible teachers!



EdCamp Ukraine | Teach and learn
EdCamp Ukraine | Підтримати EdCamp
EdCamp Ukraine | ЕдМандри
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EdCamp Ukraine | Афілійований міні-EdCamp
EdCamp Ukraine | Магістральний міні-EdCamp
EdCamp Ukraine | Афілійований міні-EdCamp
EdCamp Ukraine | Mini-EdCamp's 2017/2018
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EdCamp Ukraine | Учитель
EdCamp Ukraine | Місце
EdCamp Ukraine | Статистика
EdCamp Ukraine | Унікальність
EdCamp Ukraine | Що вже було
EdCamp Ukraine | Нас підтримують

The most important thing in school
is Teacher!

A critical element slowing
the learning revolution
in schools is ineffective professional development
for teachers. Innovative model of EdCamp (un)conferences offers a solution for this pressing problem.

The place where "white crows"
("black sheep") flock

EdCamp was inspired
by the dedicated educators from the U.S. and was first held in 2010. More than 1,500 events in 29 countries united teachers and 
a variety
of stakeholders
of the educational process
from all corners of the globe
for the open exchange
of teaching experience, cooperation and solving
of common problems. Watch
cartoon about white crows.

EdCamp format ranks
the 6th place in the global
of the most innovative educational organizations
in 2015. Ukraine became
the 9th country in the world
and 3rd in Europe that has joined the international community. Ukrainian community is the largest outside the United States!

Impressive statistics

What is unique

With the new discussion format EdCamp (un)conference
is submitted to the law
of "two legs": the participants determine the program
and the progress of the event themselves. After completing EdCamp all feel the so-called "long-tail effect" – it could be seen in continuing 
of discussions and collaborative work of teachers.

What we have already done

During 2 years of our existence First, Second 
Third National Educational (Un)conferences took place
in Kharkiv, 
11 regional (un)conferences in 2015/16 and 24 mini-EdCamp`s in 2016/17 as a wave covered the area from Lviv
to Kostiantynivka. More
in our 
public report
for 2 years. Everything was possible thanks
to The EdCamp Foundation mentoring (, the support of US Embassy
in Ukraine, DESPRO project, Heinrich Boll Fund
in Ukraine, United Nat
ions Population Fund and Development Project, Microsoft Ukraine, publising house RANOK and over 80 partner organizations.

Who supports us

In an effort to change
the educational system
of Ukraine for the better
the First Lady of Ukraine Maryna Poroshenko,
the Ministry of Education
and Science, the Public Council of the relevant ministry, caring teachers from across
the country support us. 

Our immediate plans

We have already launched
"EdCamp in a Box 3.0" program - choose from 47 mini-EdCamp`s all over the country,
a series of educational expeditions to different countries for successful 
as well as the first in Ukraine
interdisciplinary center
for teachers training
. We are conducting "Finnish school in
7 days!"
experiment, launched
survey of the expectations
of teachers in the field
of professional development, collecting the group
on a trip to Israel, we are alrady planning a
national (un)conference... And that's not all follow the news;)

EdCamp Ukraine | Плани

New Ukrainian School is to be.
Our community is involved
in the development
of the
 concept and State Standard of secondary education,
the process of making teachers' and administrators' work less 
bureaucratic, the anti-discrimination expertise
of programs and textbooks.
Now we have more opportunities
to strengthen the voice of teaching community through participation
in the 
Public Council and other working groups. Two members of our team – Oleksandr Elkin
and Olena Malakhova – 
are advisors to the Ministry
of Education and Science
of Ukraine.

We ourselves are the changes!

EdCamp Ukraine | Команда

(Un)conferences for professional growth

of school teachers

About the Movement

EdCamp Ukraine road – from start to today


The unique professional development events for school educators in the edutainment (education&entertainment) format that gather hundreds of passionate educators from all over the country and abroad. The First National (Un)conference EdCamp Ukraine was held in June 2015, The Second – April 2016, the Third one – in April 2017. We are preparing the Forth one - in July 2 and 3, 2018.

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And that’s all you need to organize your unforgettable regional (un)conference: from badges to location door signs. 71 educational institutions took part in the 2017/ 2018 contest. Among them 47 unique events have been chosen. Visit our regioanl (un)conferences!

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In cooperation with the Publishing group "Osnova" we create exclusive journal issues featuring all the interesting facts from experts’ and teachers’ sessions, interviews, impressions, links and contacts from the National (Un)conferences EdCamp Ukraine. Read our latest version!

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Global Teacher Prize
Global Teacher Prize

The national version of the Global Teacher Prize, which the PU "Osvitoria" together with us started in Ukraine at EdCamp Ukraine 2017. Expert jury which we have entered have already determined the winner. We are preparing to the next year!

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Expeditions to various countries of the world for successful educational cases and experience exchange. Find the best schools, educators and administrators of education, programs and methodologies and use these practices in Ukraine - for concrete changes in concrete educational institutions. We have already visited Finland and now are planning Israel, Lithuenia, Georgia, Singapure...So follow up!

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A system of trainings with renowned experts who will come to Ukraine to make the best and most productive achievements in areas of education and personal growth available to our teachers. In February we are starting "To change for 7 days!". Take part in the contest!

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This event is an interactive training course for teachers, schoolchildren and students, which takes place every year at the same time in more than 65 countries. For 3 years Ukrainian team managed to involve in the initiative 417 schools and 53, 372 participants. Took part in November 2018!

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Our team translated, adapted for Ukrainian users and is presenting one of the professional top-courses from the world famous MOOC platforms – Coursera – Coaching Teachers: Promoting Changes that Stick. Learn coaching at school and develop together. Register here.

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We know what the new Ukrainian school should be. Our team was involved in the New Ukrainian School Concept preparation – framework document that will determine the trajectory of education development in the next 10 years.

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We say "no!" to any discrimination in education. School books, tutorials, websites and other content have been verified by us to detect any discriminatory practices. We give advice how to avoid them and certify with the seal "Discrimination free zone". Implemented in partnership with GIAC "KRONA".

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17 sustainable development goals and 169 tasks identified by UN demonstrate the scale and ambition of the new Sustainable Development Plan by 2030. Key messages were printed on creative posters which we offer to take pictures during our events with.

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To free teachers and administrators up from excessive paperwork, our team, together with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine initiated the unprecedented survey "Children and Papers". Please, get acquainted with the results: the final report and the Order of 22.12.2016 № 1593. We have already deprived teachers of the "microdistricts", and now, together with the deregulation office of the Ministry are preparing new instruction for paperwork.

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Our initiatives

Our Initiatives
Join Us

Join us! Subscribe to our newsletter

Do you want to help?

EdCamp Ukraine is not a commercial initiative, it is non-profit. For example, the Third National (Un)conference
for School Teachers
 was held thanks to the support and recognition of 55 organizations
and their staff who share our vision. If you want your children and grandchildren to be taught by good teachers,
you can contribute to solving problems of the national education. 


Go for our campaign at "Spilnokosht" and support upgrade of 10,000 responsible teachers.

EdCamp Ukraine | Біла ворона

Report for 2 years of activities

Read about the adventures and hardships of "white crows" in education in a comic book. For public reporting we have chosen light and humorous form: we analyzed the fears of educators and demonstrated, how
the community overcomes them. Find out the results of our activities
and plans for the future.

The Team

The Team

We invite both young specialists and veterans of Ukrainian school education to participate in EdCamp.
The main criterion is not the form of ownership, the prestige of the school or anything else, but only your motivation for development and readiness to take responsibility for the future!

Complete the FORM to receive our invitation to register
for EdCamp events and be well informed about all our news and your opportunities!


Oleksandr ELKIN
Oleksandr ELKIN

Inspirer of EdCamp movement in Ukraine

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Program director

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Manager for PR and partnership

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Viktorija PUPIJ
Viktorija PUPIJ

Program assistant and coordinator of "EdCamp in a Box 3.0" program

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Yuliya SHPAK
Yuliya SHPAK

Manager of the antidiscriminatory program

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Manager for logistics

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Exclusive design creator

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Legal support from Amnesty International

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Financial advisor

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EdCamp Ukraine | Голоси учительства

Teachers` voices 

"Responsible teachers, who
are breathed in for a long time through EdCamp Ukraine,
are able to start reforms from below  each in his/her place:
in their school, their city
or region."

"EdCamp Ukraine showed
that indeed changing education
for the better we will change 

the future of our country".

"After EdCamp Ukraine we
didn’t brought templates of ready lessons or presentations, but we managed to get something far more valuable: experience and knowledge, but also inspiration, which will last for the entire coming year".

Nadija Bedikjan, history teacher of Teaching and Educational Complex № 13, Odesa

Tetjana Bondar, Assistant Professor of the Department
of Philosophy and Economics of Education, Poltava Regional Institute of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education, Poltava

Natalija Kidalova, teacher
of Melitopolj school № 3, Zaporizhzhja region

The purpose of (un)conference is the creation of a new generation of teachers,
who won’t use old stereotypes
of learning".

Lilija Kryhovecj-Khom’jak, economics teacher of Ukrainian Gymnasium named after I. Franko, Ternopilj

"These people, their energy, strength and ideas became
a flash-light for me shining through the darkness
of indifference and despair.
I realized that we should
not be afraid to experiment
and implement our ideas.
Every teacher should survive his/her EdCamp".

Natalija Bovsunivsjka, informatics teacher
of Rozsoshenka school, Poltava region

"EdCamp Ukraine is,
first of all, the titanic work
and organizational talent
of the team, qualitative and useful content, new thoughts and modern ideas, meaningful communication, new friends and acquaintances".

Valerij Berezhnyj, Head Master of School № 11 in Lozova, Kharkiv region

"This event has given me
an opportunity to understand fully how the teaching profession influences
the development of the child, and sometimes even his/her fate. If EdCamp Ukraine develops in our country, school and training will become
a happy holiday and great pleasure for our children."

"EdCamp Ukraine for teachers is like Disneyland for children: whirlpool of positive emotions, unforgettable impressions, crazy ideas... Having been once, will never forget!"

Ruslana Bjerdavceva,
the teacher of chemistry, biology and ecology
of Higher Vocational School № 164, Kirovoghrad

"We should not only get
the experience we should also share it. This is one of the trends of EdCamp Ukraine".

Serghij Zapisov, Head Master of Stryj School № 11, Ljviv region

Olena Sopina, English teacher of the Specialized Boarding school "Sich Collegium", Zaporizhzhja


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