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23 і 24 червня 2015 р.

EdCamp Ukraine логотип

м. Харків, Культурний центр «Бейт Дан», вул. Тобольська, 46

Перша національна (не)конференція для шкільних педагогів

Ми будуємо спільноту відповідального вчительства! 

Лого EdCamp Ukraine

Ми будуємо спільноту відповідального вчительства! 

Contribute to pedagogical upgrade of 10,000 teachers in Ukraine!

Education is perhaps the only thing that can both improve the economy of the whole country and help children find their place in the modern world. But 90% of teachers around the world are dissatisfied with professional development opportunities, and moreover – most of them consider them totally useless.

NGO “EdCamp Ukraine” ( works in 3 directions: organizing national and mentoring regional (un)conferences for school teachers, providing innovative American and European educational projects in our country and taking part in New Ukrainian School Reform. For 2 years we have managed to held 3 national (un)conferences and organized 35 regional ones. We have become the biggest and most influential independent movement in the sphere of Ukrainian school education!

EdCamp was inspired by the dedicated educators in Philadelphia and was first held in 2010. Since than 1,500 events in 28 countries united teachers and a variety of stakeholders of the educational process from all corners of the globe for the open exchange of teaching experience, cooperation and solving of common problems. Ukraine became the 9th country in the world and 3rd in Europe that has joined the international family. We are proud to be considered the largest community outside the United States.

To feel atmosphere of our events we invite you to watch the film about the Third national (un)conference EdCamp Ukraine 2017. 200 options for teacher training with practitioners from 20 countries – 2 days in 20 locations simultaneously.

The worldwide-known expert in the field of education, the development of creativity and innovative thinking, best-selling author of educational books, including the book “Creative Schools: The Grassroots Revolution That's Transforming Education", Sir Ken Robinson gave a 10-minute speech to the participants of EdCamp Ukraine 2017.

Next academic year we plan:

1. Support 60 regional (un)conferences throughout Ukraine under the program "EdCamp in the box".

2. Conduct the Fourth National (Un)Conference EdCamp Ukraine 2018.

3. Launch new activities:

- educational expeditions to different countries for successful cases;

- first in Ukraine alternative interdisciplinary teacher training center;

- online platform for sharing and discussion lessons.

You can support our project in different ways – and it will not last more than 3 minutes (suffice it to have a credit card or mobile phone). By clicking the button «Фондувати» (“FUND"), you change education – not only in Ukraine, but in the whole world!

Be sure to put the "Like" on our page on Facebook to be aware of all the campaign news. And don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

We are preparing a lot of interesting things and looking forward to fruitful cooperation. Join us and become part of the EdCamp movement in Ukraine!

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